Sandi Thom – Vocalzone Live Sessions


Multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter Sandi Thom dropped in to Vocalzone to record a beautifully stripped back live version of her new charity single, ‘Tightrope’

It’s been just over a decade since Sandi Thom released her chart-topping debut single “I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair)” to critical acclaim. And yet, while her 21 Nights from Tooting tour was surrounded by a sea of controversy, the fact that Thom released six studio albums and secured seven worldwide No.1’s, since serves as testament to her versatility and all-round resilience as an artist.

This year saw the release of ‘Tightrope’, Thom’s brand new single which is helping to raise awareness of postnatal depression, an issue very personal to herself. Profits from the single are going to PANDAS Foundation, an organisation that help support those that are coping with postnatal depression. ‘Tightrope’ available here from iTunes

Sandi Thom’s ability to adapt to an ever changing industry accompanied by her courage to step outside the box creatively has led her to collaborate with many legendary artists and producers along the way.

Now, after producing award-winning work in the midst of a media storm, Sandi is ready to release her sixth studio album, Ghosts, which sees the pop powerhouse return to her roots, both musically and personally, to create a stunning folk full-length from her painful past experiences.



Written by Vocalzone