Bearfist – Vocalzone Live Sessions

A four piece metal band, hailing from Chelmsford, Essex.

What started as just an idea that came from a chat between mates over a few beers, has now turned into the groove laden wall of noise you hear today.

Formed in late 2014, Bearfist originally just jumped in a rehearsal room with a bucket load of riff ideas to see what sort of animal they had on their hands.

Ideas quickly became more focused and songs were structured – the final piece of the puzzle was realised when Rob came in as vocalist. Not long after, they hit the studio to record a demo and made their live debut in early 2015.

Watch the interview with Bearfist Below.

Now nearly 2 years on from their first live show, they’ve grown and matured not only as writers, but also as performers. They have 2 EPs under their belts – their first being ‘The Fifteenth Day’, and their more recent, ‘Foundations’ – each as brutal as each other. (Available to buy from iTunes)

We met the Bearfist last year at Bloodstock, when they blew us away with their set on the New Blood Stage. As soon as we returned from the weekend, we knew we had to get them in for a Vocalzone Live Session… and this is what they did!

Live Session: Bearfist – Blood Runs Dry

As you can see, Bearfist are not a band for the faint hearted, but this was easily one of our favourite to film. Meeting these guys, and filming such an awesome live session is exactly why we love the metal community.

So if you, like we were, are now tenaciously driven to find all of Bearfist’s material, you can find all of their links below. CHECK THEM OUT.



Written by Vocalzone