The V-Team: Singers Diet – The Dont’s


Vocalzone presents The V-Team series, with Steve Giles who will be covering Nutrition & Lifestyle.

In Steve’s previous episode, he introduces the importance of a good diet for singers, and explained what you should be eating.

This episode looks at what shouldn’t be included in the Singers Diet:

  • Why shouldn’t we be drinking alcohol?
  • Why should we avoid reflux inducing foods?

…and if you have any questions for Steve, you can contact him at [email protected]

International vocal coach Steve Giles is one of the most connected vocal coaches in the world. He has lectured workshops at conservatoires and vocal development programs in the UK and USA. As a singer, he’s shared the stage with acts such as The Drifters and Alexander O’Neal and even sung for HRH The Prince of Wales. As a coach, he’s worked with singers on the Channel 5 show ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (2010) and also in collaboration with celebrity choir Master Gareth Malone OBE on the BBC.

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Written by Vocalzone