Marky Dawson – Vocalzone Live Sessions


Watch as Marky Dawson shreds the keys in this Vocalzone Live Session

Marky was born and raised in Broadstone, Dorset. He began teaching himself piano at the age of 14, and by 18 he moved to London where he learnt his craft in bars, pubs and clubs. With his unique style of piano based Rock ‘n’ Roll, he has since established himself as a regular on the circuit, entertaining audiences with his wide repertoire of covers and catchy originals.

‘Staring at the Ceiling’ is the perfect track for this Live Session, as it encapsulates a typical Marky performance. Powerful vocals, cheeky winks and as for his piano chops… they’d make Jerry Lee Lewis blush.

Coached by Nikki Lamborn (Beverly Knight, Newton Faulkner) Marky is currently gigging with his band The German Coastguard. His debut EP ‘First Takes’, which features the Live Session track, is available soon and boasts a whole range of brilliant tracks.

As you can see Marky Dawson is a true entertainer, (he even had us in tears when we were filming), so to not see him live would be a crime. He gigs week in, week out so there’s no excuse; Follow his social media and catch one of his larger-than-life shows now, and prepare to be entertained!


Written by Vocalzone