Luna Wilson – Vocalzone Live Sessions


The Vocalzone Live Session series continues; this time we were joined by singer-songwriter Luna Wilson

Based on the outskirts of London, Luna creates electro/indie pop with a dirty twist. Luna’s colourful performance is one that is always complimented not just for her vocals but her energetic delivery, quality and tone.

Luna is a strong minded artist driving all her ideas and seeing her vision through to the end which has gained her an increasing global, dedicated fan base. Growing up listening to the likes of the Sex Pistols, Blondie, Nirvana and Queen she is heavily influenced by the punk rock era and is known for her controversial lyrics, colourful image and strong attitude during her live performances.

We were first introduced to Luna Wilson by the organisers of Teddy Rocks after she performed there in 2016:

“We were very excited to have Luna play main stage at Teddy Rocks Festival, we’ve been following her for a while and knew she’d be a great act to grace our stage. Holding her own against the likes of Room 94 and The Hoosiers, her powerful vocals and tight performance kept the crowd hooked. She’s a pleasure to work with and an act to look out for. We look forward to her performing again for 2017!”

And it was during the recording of the Vocalzone Live Session that Luna Wilson’s unique sound really blew us away. Follow her on social and find out when you can see Luna Wilson live next!



Written by Vocalzone