Richard Morris – Vocalzone Live Sessions


Richard Morris blew us away with ‘What is Love?’, take a listen…

Singer-songwriter Richard Morris, was the third person to take up the Vocalzone Live Session stage after winning a competition we held with The Famous Company and Sontronics. Morris had a quarter of a minute to show us what he could do, and he did just that. His 15 second cover of ‘Mysterious girl’ was enough for us to hear the power in his voice, and the potential to create a brilliant Live Session.

The song is a personal one to Morris. It’s about love, relationships and how they go wrong, but ‘What is Love?’ gives a warming and optimistic outlook on it, and is a song you can’t help to smile to.

To find out what Richard Morris has been up to recently, check out his social media channels below!

Written by Vocalzone