Three fully grown(ish) men, unable to let go of their youth so they formed a Pop Punk band

After a nine year absence from music, a night at a concert inspired Terry to go looking for someone to jam with, after an online ad and meeting several stranger people he met with the strangest of them all, Jake Leigh in a dive bar in mid London. They began writing together and quickly recorded a handful of demos and released a lyric video for a demo version of “One Last Chance” which would go on to be the title track for their debut EP.

The “One Last Chance” demo lead to interest from local venues London which made it very clear the duo needed to find a drummer so once again turned to the internet, finding a “drummer available” add for a guy who listed similar musical tastes to themselves they turned to very creepy stalker levels to find Keith on Facebook and talked him into joining them for a rehearsal. Keith’s technical ability and pure power made him an instant fit and Cuecliché was born

Cuecliches latest venture included them doing an acoustic version of ‘One Last Chance’ from their debut EP. Listen below.

The obvious comparison of Blink 182 arises instantly with the band being a three piece with Jake and Terry sharing vocal duties, Cuecliché rely more on vocal harmonies than their Pop Punk predecessors ever did and with Jakes heavier guitar influences such as Alterbridge regularly sneaking into their music with plenty of pick squeals and heavier riffs than perhaps normally associated with their genre and Keith regularly jumping out of the mix with fills that will grab your attention.

Cuecliché their live debut at the prestigious Fiddler’s Elbow in London they quickly spread their wings and made it into Liverpool, Manchester, Bridgend, Birmingham and Essex were they’ve consistently won over audiences and grown their fanbase. “By the end they’ve won over a crowd that, save for a few mates down the front, are initially a bit too cool for school, but who get into them as the set progresses, drawn in by the songs, their delivery and Terry’s between song chat.” (Even The Stars review of Cuecliché’s show at the Liverpool Zanzibar March 2017).

Celebrating a year of being together, Cuecliche did this song to celebrate the day they formed on ’10th Of July’

March 2017 saw the release of Cuecliché’s debut EP “One Last Chance” which featured fully produced versions of two songs they had released in demo form previously plus three previously unheard tracks. Not resting on their laurels the boys are currently working on their follow up EP which will be available from January.


Cuecliché have now welcomed a new drummer, Jason Sayers, and also launched their new website. The band are releasing a new EP this August 2022 and the songs will be released as singles from August 18th.

Lets see what Terry Rytz has to say about Vocalzone!!

“The Guitarist in Cuecliché is in another band and has used Vocalzones for a long time and when we first started playing together he was always suggesting VZ but I was hesitant because I don’t really take anything ever (haven’t even used paracetamol since 2010) he pointed out VZ was all natural but I still didn’t use them. Then during recording vocals for our debut EP I got talking to him about my voice and how I was annoyed that my voice seemed really inconsistent, some days I loved it some days I felt like no matter what I tried I didn’t sound right and no amount of Vocal warm-ups could get me to a “sweet spot” vocally, so again he suggested trying Vocalzones ahead of the next batch of vocal recordings so I did. We ended up deleting all previous takes of all songs and redoing them all again with the use of Vocalzones since then I haven’t recorded or played live without using Vocalzones and it has helped me find the consistency I was missing.”

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