Ashley Sherlock


Taking inspiration from the deep south whist mixing with modern blues has made Ashley Sherlock a name to watch out for.

Ashley Sherlock is a singer and songwriter siting his inspirations as Jeff Buckley, Allen stone, Radiohead, The Cadillac Three, hozier and JP Cooper. His ineffable vocal range and original material has been recognised by one of his musical hero’s and was invited to record and signed a deal with to produce his upcoming material.

Working alongside producer Kenneth Nixon , front man of Framing Hanley and Sumner Roots, Ashley’s new material expresses blues inspired melodies with smooth and versatile vocals alongside a powerful and emphatic backing band behind him.

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, his demo’s inspire a formidable, evocative outlook on modern blues music with mellifluous songwriting and guitar interplay.

Check out Ashley Sherlock doing what he does best in his original track ‘Run’

Whilst working in the United States of America, the singer was inspired deeply by the Deep South roots in musical traditions, and wanted to explore and incorporate this in his original sound with electric guitar riffs, deep flowing rhythm and empowering lyrics

His voice has commanded attention, with his interpretations of popular cover’s, rearranged to stamp his mark on, and new releases ‘Sail Away’ and ‘Fine by Me’ featuring in a sonorous live set list. A performance becoming with captivated falsetto and beguiling, intrinsic mellifluousness, Ashley has performed live in London, Birmingham, Liverpool & Manchester including a solo headline show at Manchester’s Retro bar.

Watch Ashley’s awesome lyric video for ‘Fine By Me’

The 21 Year old musician has performed live alongside artists such as Barry Sutton, Guitarist of The La’s & Cast, Ex Inspiral Carpets front man Tom Hingley, JP Cooper, Wild Cub, Skinny Living, Lewis Bootle and guitarist for The Stone Roses, Ian Brown & Simply Red Aziz Ibrahim in numerous support slots. Ashley is quickly becoming a versatile, up and coming artist with new material scheduled later this year.

Lets see what Ashley Sherlock has to say about Vocalzone!

“Last year I completed over 330 shows and Vocalzones were a part of every single one, they have aided me when my voice hasn’t been 100% and I feel like I can give more when I use them, I have also turned many of my musical friends onto them as they are the best throat pastel for any singer, due to my high-intensity vocal it’s important that I can perform my best every night and Vocalzones have become a part of a pre-gig warm-up routine to help me when I need it most. I shall be appearing on ITV’s The Voice later this year and I shall definitely be using them then!”

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