Bring The Onslaught


Like their name would suggest these guys take no prisoners!

Hailing from the Aylesbury and Maidenhead area, Bring the Onslaught are A 5 piece Heavy Metal outfit that draws Influence and inspiration from across the board of Heavy Metal sub genres.

Bring the Onslaught offer Fast and energetic guitar Riffs, Brutal Death Metal Vocals combined with Big Clean catchy Choruses and dirty Beatdowns the old fashion way. Low and Slow.

When these guys do take their foot off the pedal they leave you with a well constructed, melodic and atmospheric sound to that keep that same momentum going.

Listen to Bring The Onslaught’s brand new single ‘Black & White’ below.

Formed in early 2016 and recruiting newer members in October 2016 and again in April 2017 to complete the line up Bring the Onslaught have today. They still a relatively young band that just keeps going, with Seemingly Boundless amounts energy and Without any signs of Slowing down.

Earlier this year they self released their Debut EP “The Sacrifice” which was very well received along with The main single “When Did It All Go Wrong”  which was also very popular amongst fans. It has a huge catchy chorus people just help but sing along and get into.

Very recently they have successfully released a music video for the track which can be found here.

Their other killer single from the ‘The Sacrifice’ ..Here’s ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong’

Since the release of the EP they have been relentlessly touring and playing shows up and down the country working hard on spreading there music and expanding there ever growing fan base.

Before preparing to go back the studio early next year to work on their 2nd EP, BTO still have a handful of very big gigs lined up for later this year and looking forward to playing alongside some really big acts. Including comedy Grindcore band Raised By Owls, The Wild Lies and Raging SpeedHorn.

Plus a couple more very big shows that are yet to be announced…..shhh it’s a secret. You can find out more about their tour dates and upcoming releases through their official Facebook Page here

Lets see what Bring The Onslaught has to say about Vocalzone

“In our band, we have 3 vocalists. Our Lead singer Nick sings Deep dirty Growls, our 2nd singer Ash sings Mostly Clean powerhouse style vocals and a small amount a Rough vocal, and I perform a mix of both Clean and Dirty Vocals in the background as back up. During practices and before after shows we often use Vocalzone’s as they are very soothing on our voices. Playing heavy metal can be a real strain on your voice and we often play shows very close together. I feel vocal zones really help us stay consistent and allow us to stay on top of our game when performing.”