Elles Bailey


Elles Bailey has a talent for crafting and seamlessly weaving rootsy blues, country, and soulful rock, with a contemporary edge.

What more fate has blessed her with a smoky vocalstyle that perfectly fits her music, after a stint in hospital as a child changed her voice forever.

Her debut album Wildfire which debuted at no.2 in the iTunes blues Charts was tracked in Blackbird studios Tennessee. Produced by Brad Nowell, Wildfire assembled a host of Nashvilles finest, including Grammy Award winning guitarist Brent Mason and three-time Musician Hall Of Famer Bobby Wood.

Blended together back in the UK with the likes of Jonny Henderson (Robyn Ford, Matt Schofield) on Hammond organ and Joe Wilkinson blistering guitar, the result is a unique trans-Atlantic coming together of styles.

See why Elles debut was so successful with her single ‘Wildfire’ from the album of the same name! 

Reviewers have been wowed by Elles and her debut album with Maverick Magazine gave Wildfire top marks (5/5) calling every song Fresh & Original and Blues In Britain reminding us that Its a fact that very few make it to the big stage but Elles Bailey has the necessary talent, the drive, and now the product.

Still not convinced? then check out her second single from the critcally acclaimed debut ‘Wildfire’ called ‘Same Flame’ below!

2018 continues to be a busy, successful year for this talented singer-songwriter with Elles nominated for four different U.K. Blues awards, an upcoming European tour, appearances at key Country and Blues festivals, and a recent return to the studio to record some eagerly-anticipated new material. Watch this space for news of a new album coming soon.

Let’s see what Elles Bailey has to say about Vocalzone!

“There’s four things I can’t leave the house without, my phone, wallet, my lip gloss and my Vocalzone! I have used Vocalzone my whole career and it’s amazing for my husky voice when it is tired after a long tour and thousand of miles spent on the road. I’m delighted to be part of the Vocalzone family!”

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Written by Dan Manley

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