Aonia is a 7-headed, 14-legged creature, wielding two ‘sopranos with balls’ as vocalists, shredding twin axes, symphonic keys, and driving drums and bass.

An operatic/progressive metal band, Aonia has been compared to artists such as Therion, Avantasia, Nightwish, Epica, and ReVamp.

Having released a single, “Violet Hours,” on 18/11/17, the band is charging ahead, recording their debut album, which is set for release in early 2018. An ambitious work, the ten tracks will feature up to five vocalists (including some exciting guest appearances), intricate interplay between guitars and keyboards, and a more fully realised dynamic counterpoint between the lead vocals than the 2014 “Sunchaser” EP

Check out Aonia’s latest music video for ‘Violet Hours’

In addition, vocalists Joanne Kay Robinson and Melissa Adams – who have been trained by the internationally-renowned Victorian opera expert Martin Yates – have recently finished recording the upcoming Blaze Bayley album. The duo also featured on Bayley’s previous releases “Infinite Entanglement” and “Endure and Survive.” Furthermore, in October of 2016, Joanne and Melissa were invited to perform live with Bayley at the Huskvarna Rock and Art festival in Sweden.

Having reached the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses finals twice, Aonia is climbing the heavy metal ladder, supporting touring acts such as Leaves’ Eyes, Xandria, Blaze Bayley, Kobra and the Lotus, Warrior Soul, Skyclad, Dakesis, Azylya, and Forever Never. The band has also played the acclaimed ‘Dames of Darkness’ festival, headlined by gothic metal giants Sirenia and Leaves’ Eyes, and ‘SOS Festival,’ headlined by Absolva, Attica Rage and Knock Out Kaine. Aonia is also planning the second “AoniaFest” all-dayer, scheduled for 6/10/18 at the Corporation in Sheffield.

From EP of the same name, Here is ‘Sunchaser’.

Alongside these achievements, guitarist Przemek ‘Slick’ Druzkowski is driving forward with his luthier work, handcrafting his “Druzkowski Guitars,” and James ‘Carrot’ Brough is pushing forward with his new recording business, “Black Carrot Studios.”

As they press forward, the band continues to develop their songwriting and their live shows, adding more theatrical elements as they go.

Let’s see what Aonia has to say about Vocalzone!

“Joanne and Melissa have used Vocalzone tablets for years, starting when they were appearing in operas (such as “Pirates of Penzance” and “Iolanthe”) and while performing at the Buxton Gilbert & Sullivan festival. In Aonia, they continued the habit, and they never go into a performance or a recording session without a pack of Vocalzones.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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