Stephen Amer


Stephen Amer is a singer, bandleader and choir and workshop leader with almost twenty years experience.

He is an in-demand vocalist, performing regularly with his Doo-Wop vocal quartet the TestostaTones – voted the best acapella group in the UK; as a singer with The Jonathan Wyatt Big Band; and with his Mumford & Sons style folk group the Rogue Shanty Buoys as well as performing as a soloist, as part of a Duo and with his own jazz swing group.

Stephen covers many genres and styles, including; Swing, Jazz, Ska, Reggae, Folk, Musicals, tributes and much more and performs and tours in his own theatre shows, as well as at weddings and high-end corporate events and celebrity parties the length and breadth of the country as well as abroad and has sung for the Queen, Elton John and Arnold Schwarzenegger and been featured live on BBC Radio 2.

Here is Stephen Amer performing alongside one of his many music projects, The TestostaTones. Watch their performance of ‘Blue Moon’ below!

As a community musician and workshop and choir leader, Stephen has extensive experience creating and leading choirs and ensembles ranging from small group sizes to 100+. He has worked with small charities, companies and third-sector organisations as well as alongside national organisations such as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

He runs community and health choirs, folk and sea shanty choirs, dementia singing groups, children’s choirs and sign language choirs. In 2013, Stephen co-founded the Voice cLoud, a music and creative arts organisation which explores and promotes the singing voice and music for health and wellbeing. Stephen leads and works on many projects for the Voice cLoud, working with people with considerable support and health needs and using music for positive impact on such conditions as dementia, cancer, mental health issues, chronic fatigue, COPD, acquired brain trauma and learning disability among many others. He estimates that he has helped over 8,000 people “find their voice”.

Here is Stephen Amer performing ‘Straighten Up And Fly Right’.

Since, Stephen has launched The Online Choir, currently teaching over 400 people per week aged 7 – 94 years old from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland and even Spain!

Let’s see what Stephen Amer has to say about Vocalzone!

“As a full time musician, performer and choir leader singing professionally for almost 20 years, it is important for me to make sure that my voice is reliable. Vocalzone has been my “go to” for many years if a cold impacts on my voice or I have vocal fatigue and need some help to keep a clear voice. Their natural active ingredients are an important reason why I use them (as well as the taste!)”

Follow Stephen Amer and his various bands and brands including The TestostaTones , The Voice Cloud, The ShantyBuoys and The Rogue’s Chorus