Born from Brighton’s diverse musical breeding ground, indie quartet Orchards are among the cities brightest rising stars.

 Comprised of lifelong friends Sam Rushton (guitar) and Dan Fane (bass/vocals), who met drummer Will Lee-Lewis and vocalist Lucy Evers within their first week at university, the band are a resplendent mix of summer melodies and stellar hooks that threaten to be stuck in your head for days. Combining left-field experimentation with startlingly prescient pop sensibilities, Orchards have been described as a “glittery gateway drug”, with a sound that is inherently positive, charming, shimmering and above all: fun. Orchards’ debut album Lovecore is out now via Big Scary Monsters.

From their debut album ‘Lovecore’, listen to their single ‘Luv You 2’

Lovecore is a lifetime in the making for Orchards, written crammed into drummer Will’s bedroom after working 9-6 days, on lunch breaks, on tour – in every spare second the band had. Lovecore is bursting with their signature Orchards sound, with a heavy focus on killer melodies and singer Lucy’s heartfelt poetic lyrical outpourings centred around her experience with loss, mental health struggles, the environment and relationships.

Watch the music video for ‘Age Of You’ which is off their latest EP ‘Lovers/Losers’ below! 

About their debut album, Orchards say: “It’s our statement, a flag in the ground letting people know we’re here and this is exactly what we’re all about. It’s the product of years of touring, meeting new people, hard times, good times, loss, friendships and growth. We’re starting a party and everyones invited”.

Let’s see what Lucy Evers has to say about Vocalzone!

“I cannot recommend Vocalzones enough. Performing each night can be strenuous on even the most warmed up voice. But the confidence they give me means my vocal chords are relaxed and strain is minimised.”

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