Over the years Mage have been becoming a prominent name with their own form of wizardry both on Stage and recorded material.

Mage are riffcentric stoner/doom/metal from Leicestershire.Formed in 2010 by Ben Aucott (guitar) and Andy Moore (drums) previously of stonerrock outfit Outburst, they were subsequently joined by Mark Challis (bass), Tom Smith(vocals) and finally, recruited Extreme Noise Terror guitarist Woody Woodfield.

In the early days, Mage released their self titiled EP which quickly began raising the hairs of unexspecting fans in the vast but ever talented metal underground scene. Eager for more, the band came in with a gift for these fans in the form of the album ‘Black Sands’ which provided 10 tracks of riff packed grooves.

“Tones are thick,songs are straightforward, drinks are drunk, heads are smashed and tasty basslines abound across the 10-track outing, which is strong in presence and large in sound.” -The Obelisk Net

Watch the latest music video for the single ‘Zen Blues’ below!

Exactly two years later, Mage used all their alchemy and the following of old tomes from which they themselfs were inspired, they unveiled their sophmore album ‘Last Orders’ which each track delivers something special from the slow roaming ‘Dark Matter’ all the way to the well delivered ‘One For The Road’.

Sadly this was the last album featuring founding member, guitarist and brother Ben Aucott (1975-2015). Though there are many who would have understandably stopped, put down their insturments and call it day, With Mage it just made them more determined for them to carry on harder then ever as they fight on as a four piece and remain ‘Goddamn Heavy’. Being men of their word they unleashed Green which quickly gainned crittical acclaim to all those that heard it.

”‘Green’ is simply and consistently a brilliant album, packed full ofmemorable riffs and performed with great skill by a band who havehoned their craft on the road relentlessly. Mage fans can be proud of thisachievement and of‘their’ band, but beyond that, ‘Green’ deserves to be the album that spreads the word to a far wider fan base” – Sonic Abuse

Check out ‘Heroic Elegy’ below

Five releases later with the most recent being ‘Key To The Universe’ and each album bringing something new and awesome in its own right, there is one thing that Mage have kept. This ofcourse is their stoner roots fused with doom and eclectic metal and rock influences meanswhether you enjoy blazing up and blissing out, knocking some back and getting in thepit or anywhere in-between, Mage invite you to come worship at the altar.

Let’s see what Tom Smith has to say about Vocalzone!

“I’ve been Vocalzone for years now, since they were recommended to me by a professional vocalist. They’re always in my kit for gigs, rehersals and recording. I’m loving the new teas too!”

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