Confessions Of A Traitor

Confessions Of A Traitor use their ability to blend melodic elements with a heavier side to evoke an emotional response.

Lyrically exploring the lighter side of human existence, growing from the darkest experiences people endure. Facilitating an escape from negative thoughts showing people that they can embrace and love themselves. Creating a family and an atmosphere where you can completely loose yourself, giving people hope.

The five Londoners are relentlessly hardworking and have never been about following trends. On the strength of self-released material, their second release ‘Illuminate’ reached Number 4 on the iTunes Metal Chart in September 2016.

From their latest album ‘Guided’ comes the single ‘Twelve’.

The album ‘Guided’ is musically an exploration and refinement of the bands journey so far. Filled with the energy of their live performance, raw heaviness and the calm melodic sing along hooks that the band has gained notoriety for.

Lyrically it is an expression of the positive elements of our dark psyche and the trials that we all eventually have to endure.

Featuring the likes of Ryan Kirby of Fit For a King and Scott Kennedy of Bleed From Within, the band have formed bonds with other musicians that share their values of hard work, honesty, positivity and faith. Working in conjunction with these artists to spread the same message of belief and self-worth.

The bands intention with ‘Guided’ is to leave the listener knowing that there will always be hope.

Listen to ‘Ocean Air’ below!

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