Liquid State


You can find Liquid State rapidly making a name for themselves on the underground scene for their high-paced, frenetic live performances.

Born out of the gutters of Bristol, Liquid State are quickly making a name for themselves as a blood and guts band, spewing out a cacophony of Metal, Grunge and Punk. Their ferocious live shows will smack you in the face with an attitude that would not only throw you to the floor, but make you apologise for the trouble.

Listen to the single ‘China Dolls’ below!

“Liquid State’s debut EP erupts with hook filled vitality” – Metal Hammer (7/10)

Taking influence from industry heavyweights Dream State and Marmozets, the powerful foursome write songs that “your mum won’t like” according to the crew’s fierce front-woman Keren. “We write songs about some nasty, dark stuff. We don’t really care if our music is gonna appeal to the masses, we’re just looking to grab the attention of the guys and girls that wanna come and get sweaty with us in the pit!”

Listen to the single ‘Temper’ below!

“Gives Marmozets a run for their money” – Distorted Sound (8/10)

Equipped with Vocalzones, high energy and a hunger like no other, Liquid State went on to win the 2017 champion title of The Underdog; Bristols biggest Battle of the Bands competition.

As of March 2020, Liquid State have joined forces with Reaction Management and will continue to work together for the foreseeable future.

Let’s see what Keren Ashley has to say about Vocalzone

“Vocalzones have always been by my side during live and studio vocal performances. They make my throat feel open and airy, allowing me to breathe clearly and give my strongest vocal ability every single time!”

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