Veronica Bordacchini


We are very excited to welcome Veronica Bordacchini into the Vocalzone Family!

Verconica was born in a very small town in Italy, called Todi in the very centre of Italy in the region of Umbria. This is also where she found her passion and started taking singing lessons at the young age of 15.

At first she remembers that she had to hide from my parents cause they “wouldn’t understand” but after a couple of years, Veronica excelled in a variety of genres and eventually graduated in Pop/Rock/Jazz singing at the Modern Music Institute of Perugia, and with that achievement, they finally accepted her dream. After the Modern Music Institute graduation, she decided to start approaching classical music and Operatic Vocals at the Classic Music Conservatory where she studied for about 6 years. This  took her on a journey which lead her to travel across here region to graduate. this lead to her going to both Conservatories of the region first in Perugia, then in Terni.

Watch Veronica perform the song from Poncohontus ‘colours of the wind’. note that Veronica is  multilingual, in this particular cover she uses English, Italian and Swedish.

At around the same time,  Veronica was a part of a local cover band and it was then when Itallian Melodic Death metal band Fleshgod Apocalypse asked her to join them. Since 2013 she has been part of this amazing family as a Dramatic Soprano.

As a touring member, Veronica has joinined FGA for Three album tours including ‘Labyrinth’ in her first year, ‘King’ in 2016, and most recently ‘Veleno’. This has taken Veronica touring all around the world with her new band mates, not only in europe but also played in many far places such as but not limited to Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and of course the United States after building a strong fan base from events such as Summer Slaughter Tour alongside co-headliners Whitechapel and The Black Dahlia Murder.

In her own words, “No need to say that I’m having the time of my life and I really hope this will last for a very long time!”

Listen to Veronica’s cover of ‘Coil’ originally by Opeth.

Let’s see what Veronica Bordacchini has to say about Vocalzone!


“As a classical trained singer in the metal industry, I really need to take care of my voice. Especially when I’m on tour! I feel so lucky to have found Vocalzone a year ago it literally improved my vocal care routine! I’m also very happy to share this experience with all my students and all the people of my fanbase, from every side of the world. Every time I leave for a tour I can’t wait to plan my daily vocal health care routine and have my special Vocalzone treats, Feeling healthy never been so tasty!”

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