Raging Speedhorn


Since forming in 1998, Corby’s Raging Speedhorn have become infamous for their sledgehammer heavy albums

First single, “Thumper”, produced by industrial veteran, Marc Heal, was released to critical acclaim. In 2001 Speedhorn entered the UK Singles Chart at Number 50 with “The Gush”. In 2002, they released their second album “We Will Be Dead Tomorrow”. Met with critical acclaim, “WWBDT” is Speedhorn’s most successful record to date. Videos for subsequent singles, “The Hate Song” & “F*** The Voodooman”, received heavy rotation on Kerrang! TV & MTV 2. Following its release, Speedhorn toured globally for the next two years, securing spots on major festivals like Reading & Leeds and Download Festival.

Here is Raging Speedhorn performing ‘Bring Out Your Dead’ in all its brutality at Download festival!

“Raging Speedhorn still give the impression that they could cheerfully burn the venue down and p*** on its smouldering remains!” – Metal Hammer Magazine

The band followed up “WWBDT” with “How The Great Have Fallen” in 2005, which was released through Steamhammer/SPV Records. Shortly after its release, vocalist Frank Regan left the band, and former Hard To Swallow frontman Bloody Kev joined. The band toured heavily through ‘05 & ‘06, including a headline slot at Download Festival & a US tour with Soilent Green, Nile & Hypocrisy. The band released their fourth record, “Before The Sea Was Built” in September 2007. The band’s activity slowed over the next few months, and on March 25th 2008 announced their split after a final tour of Japan.

Just after their reformation came the head ripping track ‘Halfway To Hell‘ 

“Like a bouncy castle in a crack den, their best tunes balanced aggro vibes with sheer exuberance, and this is what’s been rediscovered on ‘Lost Ritual’!” – Kerrang! Magazine

On February 18th 2014, Speedhorn announced their reformation, with vocalists Regan and John Loughlin returning. The line-up was rounded out with drummer Gordon Morison, bassist Dave Thompson & guitarists Jay Thompson and Jim Palmer. Since reforming, the band have toured steadily and appeared at numerous festivals across the UK; including Download Festival, Damnation Festival, Sonisphere Festival, Bloodstock Festival, HRH and many more. On July 15th the band released their new album “Lost Ritual”. Produced by Russ Russell, “Lost Ritual” has been met with universal praise from fans and critics alike.

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Lets see what John Loughlin has say about Vocalzone!!

“Raging Speedhorn are a band that have always tried to push the boundaries with our vocals, As anyone that has seen us live blowing blood vessels in our noses and spitting blood from the tears in our throats can attest to, So back in 1999 when I first discovered Vocalzone I knew I’d struck gold, Like a lot of vocalists had tried (I thought) everything on the market and nothing seemed strong enough, Until Vocalzone which calmed the pain and helped with the healing, Fast forward to 2017 and meeting the Vocalzone team at a festival and being given the newest product Vocalzone herbal tea ( bye bye warm honey and lemon juice I’ll never need you again) we are proud to part of the Vocalzone family.”