One of Swedens finest! here’s Imminence!!

Fronted by vocalist and video director Eddie Berg, guitarist Harald Barrett ,drummer Peter Hanström and bass player Max Holmberg; IMMINENCE was formed in Trelleborg/Malmö in 2010 and has over the years become one of Sweden’s most promising acts with a diverse sound and universe, embracing everything from metal-core to acoustic music.

Founded by Eddie and Harald when they were just teenagers, the band grew organically with a constantly expanding fan-base from all over the world while being a highly active touring band in Europe since 2014.

Check out Imminence latest song ‘Broken Love

After almost two years of writing, IMMINENCE took a huge leap forward. Emerging from their previous “post-metalcore” sound,the band fears no boundaries or limits, valiantly breaking new ground and taking the alternative scene to the next level with their new album»This Is Goodbye«.

In the search for a new sound, the band went back to some of their roots in the nu/emo metal era of the 00’s while fiercely mixing popular references with the heaviness from their previous work, landing somewhere in the ballpark of a new arena of alternative rock/ metal music, forced to be reckoned with.

Here is one of their older songs but it still has the brutality you would expect in ‘The Sickness

»This Is Goodbye« marks a new era of IMMINENCE. They created a new vision of themselves, ready to take their place for real in the alternative/pop arena.

It’s safe to say that IMMINENCE means business, and they are not alone. They have the means and the drive-force to leave a big mark in the music industry. Their live performance is a wave of energy and emotions that leaves no one indifferent. Eddie Berg, being an incisive and mysterious frontman, brilliantly delivers passionate and haunting vocals with the romantic approach that makes the band’s universe so unique.

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