MONUMENTS are a five piece progressive metal outfit consisting of newcomer Andy Cizek (vocals), John Browne (guitar), Olly Steele (guitar), Adam Swan (bass), and Michael Malyan (drums).

Paving their way over the years with works such as “Gnosis,” The Amanuensis,” and “Phronesis,” the band have been touring internationally for over a decade. Keen observers would point out Monuments’ fascination with and use of Greek words and themes.

Watch Monuments latest video ‘Animus’ below!

While the word ‘amanuensis’ has its origins in Latin, words such as ‘gnosis,’ ‘doxa,’ are Hellenic. ‘Phronesis’ is wisdom, but a really specific type of wisdom to do with oneself. Wisdom on your practical actions, good judgement, being excellent in character, practical wisdom. Learning what to do and what not to do based on experience, being mindful of everything around you.

Watch lyric video for ‘Leviathan’ below!

After a brief hiatus and a few lineup changes, the group are back and more rejuvenated than ever with their new single “Animus.” Lyrically, the song explores overcoming anxiety. Embracing your burdens and letting them flourish into a positive driving force. Thus, these demons became our ‘Animus.’

Let’s see what Andy Cizek has to say about Vocalzone

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