Wolf Culture


Wolf Culture originated from the sometimes-sunny seaside town of Bournemouth back in 2015.

After meeting in a former band, drummer Jake Daniels and guitarist Jay Dervan broke off and put their own ideas to good use.

Very soon after, the duo pulled in the talents of vocalist; Max Dervan. The band called in some favours and soon recorded a cover in their living room and uploaded it to YouTube. Within weeks their cover of ‘Dial Tones’ (by Brighton band ‘As It Is’) had reached over 20,000 views. The trio soon released their first demo of their song ‘Overboard’; drawing influences from modern pop-punk, emo and other genres.

After receiving some great local reviews, the band started to see their first show offers coming in. In 2016, the trio was joined by a bassist Josh Halbert and launched itself into the scene under the name of ‘Wolf Culture’.

Check out Wolf Cultures lyric video for ‘Continents’ below!

The band have since gone on to play shows with the likes of ROAM, Boston Manor, Like Pacific, Trophy Eyes, WSTR, Hawthorne Heights, Milestones, Weatherstate, Fort Hope, Better Than Never, The Dangerous Summer and many more.

Now signed to Common Ground Records, Wolf Culture have released their debut EP entitled “The Devil’s Plans For Idle Hands”. The band have gained huge momentum within the scene, premiering their title track “Wreck” on Alternative Press, their second single “Continents” onPunktastic, appearing on multiple well respected playlists, receiving glowing reviews from the likes of Kerrang! Magazine (appearing in 3 consecutive issues) and even being immortalised in it’s famous ‘Pandora’ comic strip.

Just in case your still not convinced, here is ‘Wreck’ from the EP‘The Devil’s Plan For Idle Hands’. 

The band recently completed a UK tour with ROAM and Milestones, selling out their hometown show. The band are set to round up 2018 with another UK tour in October (with label-mates SHADED) and some shows even further afield (yet to be announced). Wolf Culture are certainly a band not to be missed.

Let’s see what Max Dervan has to say about Vocalzone!

I was told about Vocalzone really early on in Wolf Culture’s existence, we all use them now. Their menthol pastilles have just become an essential part of my warmup routine. They’re perfect on long tours when my voice is pushed to its limits. It’s a life-saver. Plus, we’re now having cheeky pre-show Myrrh and Mint teas to warm up those vocal chords. Warming up without Vocalzone is like wearing shoes without socks. It’s dumb.”

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