Introducing Narratives, a four-piece, female-led alternative rock band from Somerset, UK.

The band is composed of the talented Amber Sugden as our lead vocalist, Steven Marshall on guitar, Joshua Lewis handling the bass, and Finlay Bradley behind the drums.

Originally formed as a trio, Narratives expanded to a four-piece with the addition of Josh Lewis in early 2024. Despite being a four-piece, we amalgamate our unique talents to produce a sound that is simultaneously melodic, dramatic, and intense. Our music, a fusion of rock, pop, and more, is crafted with the intent of universal appeal, embodying elements that resonate with a diverse audience.

The name Narratives was deliberately chosen to reflect the essence of our music. Each song is a narrative, embodying stories that may belong to us, to our listeners, or to someone they know. As Amber Sugden eloquently states, “Everyone has a story to tell, and we are the medium through which those stories are conveyed.” This philosophy renders our lyrics and melodies both relatable and profound, touching the hearts of our audience.

Our work has been recognised for its compelling blend of sounds, earning recognition from names such as Daniel Pascoe of BBC Introducing South West, who said “That is melodic, that is heavy, that is in your face, I love it and  I’m so excited to see what comes next from these guys…” and expressed keen anticipation for our future projects.

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Watch the Debut single “Your Protector” from Narratives below.