These are erratic songs of rage, songs to invoke the primal fear within you, songs that will seduce your dark passenger, causing you to dance alongside us. These are lyrical themes of angst and anguish, brought forth from the bleak lives that each and every single human leads, presented in cacophonous voice. These are the Words of Tenebris. They watch over all of us, and they are the mouth through which it speaks, the hands that will guide you through their world. Endure the embrace of a timeless wasteland. This is Monasteries.

Watch Monasteries music video for ‘Oxygen Debt’ below!

Let’s see what Dan has to say about Vocalzone!

“Ever since we’ve started using Vocalzone it has always helped us with our vocal ability and has helped us sustain consistency throughout our live performances. It’s always been something we’ve always turned to, be it shows, guest features or recordings.”

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