Gazebo Tree


All the way from Germany, Gazebo Tree are known for their unique fusion of genres!

The music of the acoustic duo Gazebo Tree is an exciting mixture of folk, blues and pop music elements. Handmade, honest-authentic music in cinemascope. Isabel and Andre Roessler are known for their powerful, energetic vocal style with lead and harmony singing.

On their debut album comes a song that shows what the duo is all about in ‘Long Time Ago’

Although Gazebo Tree is a duo they produce a rich and powerful sound by playing multiple instruments at the same time. Those instruments vary from acoustic guitars and kick drum to pump organ, cigar box guitar or banjo.
For more than 13 years Gazebo Tree have performed more than 600 gigs all over Germany. Also the music of Isabel and Andre has been used in Hollywood movies, television and documentaries and can be heard on their youtube channel with more than 204.000 clicks.

Here’s Gazebo playing their latest track ‘White Trash Mama’

Gazebo Tree just released their debut album, mixed by Grammy nominated Producer Wes Sharon (John Fullbright) and mastered by Andrew Mendelson (White Stripes, Rolling Stones).

Lets see what Andre has to say about Vocalzone!!

“One special part of our music is the high-energy vocals with powerful lead and harmony voices. Sometimes it’s tough to get our voices in shape ’cause besides singing there is a lot of speaking work during and after concerts and also our work as Vocal coaches in Germany.
We tried many different products with less effect – One day Isabel found out that Tom Jones has been using Vocalzone for a long time. So we gave it a try and the result was extraordinary and awesome. Vocalzone cleaned up our voices after hard singing work and got a calming and pleasant effect on our vocal cords.”

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