“Smokey, not salty.” – That’s how 25 year-old Las Vegas singer-songwriter Kaylie Foster’s voice is often described.

Having grown up around an eclectic mix of sounds, she believes that her music should have no limits; and the result is a truly unique sound that comes from the heart.

Check out FOSTER’s awesome live performance for ‘Bullet’ below

Entering the Las Vegas music scene in late 2015, FOSTER has had some incredible opportunities to play in local venues with her band all across town, such as the Bunkhouse Saloon, Velveteen Rabbit & most recently at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Earning the 2017 title as “Best Emerging Voice” in the Las Vegas Weekly’s “Best Of Vegas” Awards, Foster has begun to garner local recognition with her music.

Below is the music video for FOSTER’s single ‘Red String’

In January of 2017, she released her very first single, “Red String”, on iTunes and Spotify. Having first written the song back in 2012, Foster felt this was the right song to debut her songwriting skills to the masses.

Foster continues to hone in on her songwriting and performance skills and has plans to release new music in Winter 2017.

Lets see what FOSTER has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Recently, I had somewhat of a sore throat that mainly turned into me losing my voice; 3 days before I had a 3-hour gig scheduled. I said to myself, “How am I going to be able to sing in only 3 days time and not have to call out of this gig?” Long story short, my dad (who is a seasoned Jazz musician in the industry) implored me to buy this thing called “Vocalzone”. I trust his judgement, so immediately I went online, purchased the pastilles from Amazon & got them the morning of my gig.”

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