Bean Baker


Bean Baker has a big heart and the talent to go with it!

Bean is a young man with a fantastic voice, carrying a heart to lead people into worship. Bean has lead worship and performed at events of all sizes including New Wine, CreationFest, River Camp, Encounter Wales and many Sunday Night Live’s.

Doing covers of pop songs Bean Baker and the band perform ‘Shut Up And Dance’ by Walk The Moon. check it out below.

As well as leading worship Bean and his band can perform a wide repertoire of original songs and covers for all types of events including an acoustic set aimed at church cafe events such as Sunday Night Live. Bean can perform as a duo/trio or with his full band.

Bean loves playing cross-genre, so you’ll find him pulling some unexpected cats out of the bag. His songwriting also produces gems that will stay in your head for at least a week (if not more!). But above all, he creates because of his love for the Creator.

In this cover of ‘Hold My Hand’ Bean Baker shows off his incredible vocal range.

Bean brings with him a sense of Joy and fun, which tends to be incredibly infectious! This is a man who brings the presence of God into any gathering.

Let’s see what Bean Baker has to say about Vocalzone!

“I’ve used Vocalzones for many years and believe they are the best throat helping product.

This summer my band played well over 30 sets and the Vocalzones we took with us were the main reason we were able to maintain a high quality in our vocals.”

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