Finding Kate


Music is her passion, her life and a day doesn’t go by without her singing.

Kate Pavli’s greatest asset is undoubtedly vocal power. Whether this can be put down to her childhood background in musical theatre, her Greco-Australian flare, or something entirely different, the fact is, very few leave a ‘Finding Kate’ show uncertain of this. And that’s a pretty good virtue when you are competing against hard hitting drums, heavy bass and distortion guitars (although there is plenty of softness in-between).

From Finding Kate’s latest album ‘If I Fall’, here is the emotional and powerful ‘Get Over You’ which was playlisted on Kerrang! TV and Kerrang! Radio.

Dark and heavy sounds supporting vocal melodies, which standing-alone could almost be from any popular genre, are the key features of Finding Kate’s debut album “If I Fall”. It was playlisted by the likes of Kerrang! Radio/TV and was featured in magazines such as Musicology and Alt-Corner. After growing experience and appearances in a multitude of U.K. venues, there is no doubt that the new album is truly a cut above – and is aimed at a worldwide audience.

Also check out ‘Inside Out’ filmed in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus where Kate grew up. 

Finding Kate is currently working on new material to be released in a few months. Kate and the band’s next performances are in January in the UK with dates in Germany to follow.

Let’s see what Kate Pavli has to say about Vocalzone!

“I love Vocalzone and have always loved it. When I played in different musicals since the age of 11, I always had my packet of Vocalzones with me. People would always ask what they are as we didn’t know what they were in Cyprus. I always asked my dad to stock up for me when he was visiting the UK! Now, 10 years later, I play many shows with my band, we record live videos, we have radio interviews and in general a pretty hectic schedule. I have so many tireless nights on tour, long nights in the studio and when my voice is feeling a little down, I know I can rely on my Vocalzones. It is such a great product especially for a melodic vocal artist like me who has to deal with heavy music and Hard Rock guitars during shows as it really clears me up.”

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