The V-Team: ENTs, SLTs, and Singing Teachers


Vocalzone presents The V-Team series, with Line Hilton who will be covering Vocal Health.

In Line’s last episode of the series, she explains the importance of seeking medical and professional advice from a range of specialists. These include Ear Nose & Throat specialists, Speech & Language Therapists and Singing Teachers.

In this video you’ll find out:

  • What each specialist’s area of expertise is
  • The importance of visiting seeking professional advice
  • What you can learn and benefit from by seeking consultation from each specialist

…and if you have any questions for Line, you can contact her at [email protected]

Over the past 20 years Line has been honing her skills and knowledge to help singers and professional voice users overcome issues and gain control of their voice. She pulls on her vast array of knowledge and experience in order to approach the performer from a holistic perspective. A registered nurse with a degree in music education and the only voice teacher in the world to have a MSc in Performing Arts Medicine, Line is well placed to help singers on many levels.

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Written by Vocalzone