Meet Line

MSc Performing Arts Medicine, B.Mus Ed (Jazz), RN

Over the past 20 years Line has been honing her skills and knowledge to help singers and professional voice users overcome issues and gain control of their voice. She pulls on her vast array of knowledge and experience in order to approach the performer from a holistic perspective. A registered nurse with a degree in music education and the only voice teacher in the world to have a MSc in Performing Arts Medicine Line is well placed to help singers on many levels.

When helping performers Line takes into consideration vocal technique, health and wellbeing, the performer’s mindset and performance skills. She loves nothing more than to see a performer blossom to their full potential as they sort out their voice, health, limiting beliefs and technical skills. Next step for them is to fly and create… couldn’t get more fun than that! As well as working with performers Line trains singers to become singing teachers. At the request of a group of other highly experienced singing teachers she created a licensed version of the course, Be A Singing Teacher (BAST) with licensed trainers situated in the UK, USA and soon Australia. Line is a founding member and Educational Director of the singing teacher organisation Vocology in Practice (ViP). She also publishes a digitally interactive singer’s magazine called iSing.

In case you are wondering Line is French for Lynn, not a typo, honest!


iSing Magazine
Line also publishes a digital magazine for singers called iSing. iSing is the ultimate resource for those serious about singing. iSing covers a diverse range of topics in the form of articles, interviews, and videos, including but not limited to singing fundamentals, singing careers, vocal health, technology for singers, a reviews section and a profile on their featured cover artist every issue.

Visit iSing Magazine website to download their latest issue:

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