SYNAPTIK are a British heavy metal band from the East Coast of England in Norwich.

Formed in 2012, the band’s music incorporates genres such as Thrash, Power & Progressive metal. Synaptik liberally mix the band members’ eclectic range of inFLuences creating a hybrid sound-scape with an appeal that transcends music genres. Melody, heavier-than-a-black- hole-riffage, dynamic vocals, death metal aggressiveness and more combined to create the Synaptik spark.

From their second album ‘Justify & Reason’ come’s a track that seeps through all! watch the lyric video for ‘Conscious’ below.

Synaptik members have, in the past, shared stages with bands such as Iron Maiden, Exodus, Onslaught and many more. Being influenced by bands such as Judas Preist, Dreamthearter and Death along with such a wealth of experience and endless talent creates a back-bone of integrity, quality and a power- house live performance every time. This includes their debut album which received critical acclaim!

Another single from ‘Justify & Reason’ come’s ‘White Circles’!

Merging various metal genres including but not limited to classic rock, classical, prog, tech, thrash and heavy metal allows SYNAPTIK to explore unique avenues with toe curling precision.

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