Crostpaths are an alt-metal band from Kent who were born towards the very end of 2018

CROSTPATHS made an early name for themselves with the release of last year’s self-titled debut EP. Tracks from the record spawned radio airplay via Total Rock and Hard Rock Radio and grass roots support poured in from many quarters. Taking cues from Papa Roach, Fever 333, and Linkin Park, CROSTPATHS have managed to astutely etch fresh imprints on the nu-metalcore genre.

Watch Crostpaths explosive new single ‘Rampage’ below!

Consisting of Ritchie Murray Jack (Lead Vox), Owain Lewis (Bass/Vox), Michael Edwards (Lead Guitars), and James Mason (Drums/Percussion), the emerging crew have recently signed to Enso Music Management  and have collaborated with local artists including Dohny Jep, WeatherView and apatternimperfect to produce remixes of their self-titled EP. Recently, the band’s focus has firmly shifted to their thunderous new EP, Mutated. The record is a burly slice of alternative metal infused with killer breakdowns, monstrous riffs, rampant energy, and a plethora of hooks. Lead Vocalist, Ritchie Murray Jack remarks: “We wrote this high-octane material in late 2019 with the intention of a spring release to coincide with touring. Best laid plans eh? Sonically, it’s all action, but lyrically the songs reflect a rollercoaster of emotions that many will be familiar with (especially now): anger, sorrow and stubborn defiance.”

CROSTPATHS have a hatful of blistering singles and videos on the way and will tour the EP as soon as the world allows.

Let’s see what Ritchie Murray Jack has to say about Vocalzone!

“Since graduating from a childhood of fruit pastilles, taking the daunting step up to big boy pastilles has been a somewhat troubled road, that was until we discovered Vocazlone!

A delicious warm-up or recovery treat for the ol’ vocal cords, we wouldn’t dream of using any other brand”

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