What's Vocalzone Used For?

Powerful Relief for Hardworking Voices

We use our voices in a number of ways. However, just like walking, we often forget that we’re even doing it!  As a result, it’s quite easy to take our vocal health for granted… well, at least until we begin to feel the strain and effect on our throats.

That’s where Vocalzone comes in. Singing, speaking, shouting, acting, screaming and yelling can all cause vocal strain and sore throats. Find out more about the science behind our voices, and how Vocalzone can support the hard work that your voice does.

Face the Strain, don’t Numb the Pain!

There are a number of products on the market that contain anaesthetic to help treat sore throats. Brilliant you would think? Not when you consider that it’s easy to mask vocal strain by using one of these many numbing lozenges or throat sweets.

That’s just hiding from the problem, and potentially making it worse. There’s no single ‘over the counter’ product on the market that will magically heal vocal damage. The diagnosis for this lies with your doctor, and typically gets worse the longer you leave it untreated.

Vocalzone will not mask an underlying problem, as it contains no anaesthetic. It works to soothe and relieve irritated and sore throats; a common symptom of overuse. Don’t take the risk, it’s not worth it!

Additionally, Vocalzone has been registered with the Vegan Society as a Vegan product. There are few throat care products on the market which are Vegan.

Vocalzone is Used For

Learn more about how Vocalzone can support the hard work that your voice does:

Where Can I Get Vocalzone?

Vocalzone is sold both online and in stores around the UK.

What People Say About Vocalzone

Sir Tom Jones

Multi-platinum selling & award winning Singer

'I Want The Word To Get Out That Vocalzone Are The Best Throat Pastilles In The World.'

'I’ve got one in my mouth right now - they’re vocal lozenges that were made for singers. A fella put me on to them in the ’60s. When Kelly Jones came to see me in Cardiff for the first time, he saw my Vocalzones and said: “Wow, I never go anywhere without these things!” And then the singer from Kings of Leon said: “Do you use Vocalzones? I do too!"'


Grime MC & Boy Better Know Co-Founder

'I've tried so many other things for my voice, but these are all you need. I remember the first time I had a Vocalzone pastille before a show, I felt such a boost in performance and confidence.'

Frank Turner

Award Winning Folk Rock Singer-Songwriter

'Vocalzone are a total life-saver for me - with the amount of touring I do, I really need to take care of my voice, and it's inevitable that from time to time I have rough days. Vocalzone always comes through for me on the day and lets me play the best show I can.'

Cristina Scabbia

Lead Vocalist in Italian Gothic Metal Band Lacuna Coil

'When I am getting ready to leave for a tour (or a recording) I ALWAYS make sure I pack few boxes of Vocalzone to take them with me. The effect they have on my voice it is unbelievable. I almost feel like I have three times air capacity in my chest while I sing and my throat doesn't get dry at all. Plus, the pastils taste good too! Highly recommended.'

Photo By:Ester-Segarra

Nick Holmes

Lead Vocalist in English Gothic Metal Band Paradise Lost

'I wouldn't do a show without Vocalzone, nothing else comes close. They make a huge difference when talking in interviews, singing and even growling!'

Jerry Only

Vocalist & Bassist in American Horror Punk band Misfits

'Vocalzone takes the edge off and gives you confidence when your voice is battered. The Misfits perform 40-50 songs in 90 minutes... It's nonstop singing. I use a Vocalzone pastille right before we perform and it works great!'

The Swingle Singers

Vocal Group

'As a touring a cappella group, we're nothing without our voices! Vocalzone have come to our rescue on many occasions.'

Katherine Jenkins

Multi-Award Winning Welsh Mezzo-Soprano

'I always use Vocalzones before a performance. I find they really help with the clarity of my voice.'

Dionne Warwick

American Singer, Actress and TV Presenter

'I was introduced to Vocalzone while on tour about 10 years ago, and was amazed at how that tiny little pastille was able to take care of the vocal problem I was having at the time... I am never without them and have told many of my friends in the business about this "LITTLE MIRACLE PASTILLE"... Take it from someone who knows, "IT WORKS"'

The Modern Gentlemen

Classic Vocal Quartet Founded By Frankie Valli

'We use Vocalzone for every rehearsal, recording session and live performance. It truly keeps our voices at their absolute best and gets us through our demanding tour schedule, night in and night out!'