Being in a death metal band with a heavy touring schedule really does take it’s toll on your voice; it’s a harsh vocal style that can sometimes take a while to recover from. That’s why I use Vocalzone lozenges and teas, they come in a range of tasty flavours and really do take the edge off after every show. I used to have issues with a sore throat and crackling in my voice, but that was before i started utilising Vocalzone in my recovery cycle. They soothe and calm down my vocal cords, allowing me to recover completely and smash the next show! I’d definitely advise any death metal, or vocalists of any genre to incorporate Vocalzone lozenges and teas into their after show ritual!

Skarlett Riot

‘I’ve been using Vocalzone capsules for around 3 years now. They really help to keep my vocals on top form every night on long tours. They enable me to get onstage every night and belt out the high notes with confidence and power. Being in a metal band isn’t kind to the vocal chords but Vocalzone give me the confidence to give it my all  each night!’

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship

“For a band that has four vocalists, We rely on Vocalzone every show we play! We have also been using this incredible product for record our debut album ‘The Heartless’ which will be about Summer 2018”

Alien Weaponry

On tour, you play lots of shows in a short space of time and sometimes your voice doesn’t keep up – especially if you get ‘van flu’. Vocalzones help get rid of the mucus and soothe my throat.

The Soapgirls

“As a band who tours extensively, Vocalzone is our bulletproof vest for our throats even when we have flu we still have confidence that with Vocalzone we will be able to deliver.”

Esprit D’Air

“I use Vocalzones regularly prior to vocal warm-ups, rehearsals, and mid-performance.”

Thom Hazaert

“As a Rock and Metal singer touring the World, Vocalzone has saved my life on more occasions than one. Some of the biggest shows of my career, literally, might not have happened without it. Now, I keep a box on my desk at all times, even for long bouts of Talking, Interviews, Live streams, etc, VZ is my throat care go to for basically everything now. And I preach the gospel every chance I get.”

Peter Donegan

“Vocalzone has almost been a family tradition. My dad (Lonnie Donegan) used to swear by them and so do I! As a singer nothing is more important than your voice and to take care of that voice, nothing is better than Vocalzone”

King Creature

“Vocalzone have helped me maintain my voice when recording and touring! Couldn’t go without them now! Cheers Vocalzone!”


“Vocalzone Throat Pastilles have been a huge help for us during long studio days and they are amazing for when we’re out on the road touring! They really do help to maintain a clear voice. We highly recommend!”

Ben McCrow

Ben McCrow first cut his teeth on the live circuit at the tender age of 18 with the now infamous Death Metal band Gorerotted! Gorerotted's lyrics and song titles were...


“I have been using vocalzone for years now and they have never let me down, as the a frontman I find it is absolutely crucial to look after your voice and I can’t begin to tell you how many time they have saved my skin, I highly recommend vocalzone to any vocalist out there!”

The Hunna

“I’ve tried lots of different things for my voice through the years of touring before I was aware of the product. I found Vocalzone through another vocalist at a festival and I’ve never looked back.. I found nothing treats my voice like Vocalzone. If I’m on tour and misplace my Vocalzone’s, I have a bit of a hot sweat moment.  I guess they’ve become my security blanket on tour.”


“We got into Vocalzone thanks to a friend who brought us a package of these amazing pastilles as a gift just before one of our shows in the U.K. After trying them, we were speechless: for the first time we could clearly feel the wellness given to our throat and vocal folds…and they even taste good. Now we just can’t get on the road without them!”

A New Tomorrow

 A New Tomorrow have been shaping their sound into the crisp, uplifting and driving rock music you hear today. Formed in London by vocalist/guitarist Alessio Garavello (Ex Powerquest/Arthemis) and bassist...


“Vocalzone is a useful aid to any vocalist, particularly before you perform as it helps with warming up your larynx, however, it really shows its true necessity when you are recording or touring. As it helps keep your voice warmed and primed when you’re under pressure and putting great strain on your instrument.”


“Vocalzone pastilles are the one thing I turn to when I am touring. They help my voice feel and sound the way I want it to and never fail.”

Luke Appleton

“I first discovered Vocalzone in my early days in Iced Earth, where my backing vocals were very high in demand and Vocalzone definitely helped me maintain my vocal stamina and strength! Now, I am fronting my acoustic solo project and Vocalzone was a massive help along the way! I try to make sure I have a heavy stock of Vocalzone whenever I am on tour, in the studio or even in the rehearsal room”

Bloodshot Dawn

“I have been using Vocalzone since 2014 to help Maintain my voice on the road and in the studio so I am very pleased to be endorsed by such a great product that has always helped me push that little bit more!!”

Maxi Nil

“Those WONDER pastilles have been part of my everyday life for 4 years now. Vocalzone has helped me pull through 40-45 day tours with just 1- 2 days off. I could feel my throat and voice so open and clear like never before! As a touring musician and vocal coach I strongly recommend Vocalzone for everyone using their voice a lot on an everyday basis. I love those pastilles because THEY WORK!”

Our Hollow, Our Home

‘Vocalzone is an essential part of our touring routine, aiding us with our warm ups and cool downs whilst on the road and keeping our voices at top performance for as long as possible.’

Ashley Edison

“I have been using Vocalzone products religiously now for several years. Whether its before a show or a rehearsal, I rely on these to help me perform at my best. So I am incredibly happy to be part of the Vocalzone family”

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

“I never tour without Vocalzones. They’ve become essential in preparing my voice before every show and are especially helpful when I’m under the weather.”


“Being a vocalist in the alternative/metal scene does not come without its challenges. Touring and recording schedules can be rigorous, and I have searched far and wide over the years for vocal remedies to best suit my needs. Vocalzone is without a doubt my absolute favourite choice in this category. Their wide range of products has been a godsend for meeting the high standards of quality and performance that this job demands. Whether its preparation for a taxing recording session or relief and longevity on long tours, Vocalzone has helped to keep my voice strong and resilient more times than I can count. I can’t recommend a better voice solution than Vocalzone.”


Vocalzones are a lifesaver, I remember the first time I discovered them I was 3/4 of the way through a club tour and had completely lost my voice. Those magic little pastels brought my larynx back from the brink of oblivion and allowed me to finish the tour with a voice box that did more than just make breathy squeaking sounds. I’d definitely recommend these for anyone who makes a living from their voice and now that they have introduced new flavours, I’d triple recommend them!

Eva Lazarus

“Vocalzone have got me through some tough tours, through illness and tiredness, they work completely differently to other throat sweets. I take them all over the world with me and I can’t imagine my vocal routine without them now!”


“Vocalzone saves me all the trouble of worrying about my voice before going on stage to perform. It gives instant relief and hasn’t failed me yet. I’d recommend it to all who uses their voice as a part of their profession.”

Daisy Clark

“My voice is so important to me as it’s is my instrument and I just love to sing! Having a Vocalzone before a gig along with the right warmup really help my voice perform at it’s the best ability!”

Veronica Bordacchini

“As a classical trained singer in the metal industry, I really need to take care of my voice. Especially when I’m on tour! I feel so lucky to have found Vocalzone a year ago it literally improved my vocal care routine! I’m also very happy to share this experience with all my students and all the people of my fanbase, from every side of the world. Every time I leave for a tour I can’t wait to plan my daily vocal health care routine and have my special Vocalzone treats, Feeling healthy never been so tasty!”

Uriah Heep

“It’s five minutes till show time, so time for Vocalzones. We’ve been using them for years, they clear your sinus, they clear the Catarrh at the back of your throat. We’ve never gone up to a show in about 27 years without one of these. They are the best by our test.”

Behind Blue Eyes

“I first discovered Vocalzone whilst battling a cold on tour last year. My throat was killing me and could barely breathe through my nose as I was so congested. The band we were out with at the time offered me a pastille and I went straight to a chemist the following morning and got myself some. They are now a tour essential, and I always made sure I’m stocked up before we hit the road. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Ollie Wride

Vocalzone is the true singer’s elixir, is a must-have for all who flex their pipes, whether you’re starting out or perform professionally, they are without a doubt my first and only option I can consistently rely on, to provide me with the clarity, stability and relief during extensive and demanding tours. I never leave for a show without them and neither should you!

Exist Immortal

“Vocalzone products are an invaluable addition to my musical career. As both a touring and studio singer, I have to ensure that my voice is kept in great condition at all times, and both the pastilles and the tea help me do just that. I always recommend Vocalzone to other singers I come across either on the road or in the studio!”

Mc Spyda

“If I’m doing one show or back to back shows, Vocalzone is an essential part of my Mc Kit that allows me to focus on my performance.”


Vocalzone lozenges are an amazing tool for any singer/ rapper/ mc! I have found they both sooth and open one’s throat up for maximum effect for live performances!  Thanks to all the team at Vocalzone HQ!’

Dream State

“I never tour or do any shows without Vocalzones, they have saved my voice on many occasions! Dream State requires me to be a very versatile and dynamic singer so there can be times where I feel the wear and tear after a few shows. I find Vocalzone’s tea and pastilles have gotten me through the tough nights and give me the confidence to perform my best and I now refuse to gig without them!”


“I have always used Vocalzone pastilles as part of my warm-up routine before a show and also as part of my warming down routine after a show. The pastilles work so well and preparing my voice for 90 minutes of wide-ranging singing. The pastilles also enable me to show after show without losing my voice because of there soothing nature. Then I came across the new Vocalzone tea and now I won’t go onstage without it. The tea is so smooth and tastes amazing. Weather i am recording in the studio or performing on-stage Vocalzone is a major part of my performance.”

The Dead XIII

Taking their cue from horror inspired acts such as Rob Zombie and Wednesday 13. The Dead XIII are slashing their way through. Since bursting onto the scene in 2013, The...


One of Swedens finest! here's Imminence!! Fronted by vocalist and video director Eddie Berg, guitarist Harald Barrett ,drummer Peter Hanström and bass player Max Holmberg; IMMINENCE was formed in Trelleborg/Malmö...

Chiara Malvestiti

“Can you imagine singing as a Soprano for 100 shows in a row around the globe with only 1 day off per week? I’m sure my voice made it possible thank also to Vocalzone that took care of my vocal cords every single day! As an opera-trained soprano, even if I sing in Symphonic Metal scene, I recommend this Vocal Elixir to every kind of singers, from Classical to extreme Metal! Try it for yourself!”

The Royal

“Really happy to be part of the Vocalzone family! Vocalzone has helped me to manage my voice during long periods of touring. It’s good to be prepared when you’re on the road.”

Sworn Amongst

“Vocalzone is an essential part of my everyday set up.  They are integral to everything from my warm-up routine through to my work in the studio.  They give me the confidence that I am always prepared and the peace of mind that they are aiding the much-needed recovery after a show.  The results speak for themselves. No matter your type of vocal or experience, I believe Vocalzone is simply irreplaceable.”

The Anchoress

“I have used and enthused about Vocalzone as an essential part of my touring and studio toolkit for the past five years.”

Raging Speedhorn

“Raging Speedhorn are a band that have always tried to push the boundaries with our vocals, As anyone that has seen us live blowing blood vessels in our noses and spitting blood from the tears in our throats can attest to, So back in 1999 when I first discovered Vocalzone I knew I’d struck gold, Like a lot of vocalists had tried (I thought) everything on the market and nothing seemed strong enough, Until Vocalzone which calmed the pain and helped with the healing, Fast forward to 2017 and meeting the Vocalzone team at a festival and being given the newest product Vocalzone herbal tea ( bye bye warm honey and lemon juice I’ll never need you again) we are proud to part of the Vocalzone family.”

Elles Bailey

“There are four things I can’t leave the house without, my phone, wallet, my lip gloss and my Vocalzone! I have used Vocalzone my whole career and it’s amazing for my husky voice when it is tired after a long tour and thousand of miles spent on the road. I’m delighted to be part of the Vocalzone family!”

Seething Akira

“Met Dan, a representative at the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses Final, and he hooked me up with a couple at that show. I’ve had Vocalzone before, but I had a pretty sore throat that night, and they sorted me right out! Such a fantastic product and we won a slot at bloodstock that night. Maybe I was born with it…maybe it’s Vocalzone? Who knows! What I do know though, is they are banging! And I’ll be getting on that tea real soon.”


“I believe in the product – we played at Bloodstock Festival in 2016 and I was really ill, Vocalzone was on offer backstage and pretty much saved my voice for the show!”

This Is Turin

“Vocalzone is an essential part of my everyday set up. They are integral to everything from my warm-up routine through to my work in the studio.  They give me the confidence that I am always prepared and the peace of mind that they are aiding the much needed recovery after a show.  The results speak for themselves. No matter your type of vocal or experience, I believe Vocalzone is simply irreplaceable.”