The V-Team: Muscle Memory


Vocalzone presents The V-Team series, with Chris Johnson who will be covering Vocal Technique.

Watch the next episode in our video series and learn from our Vocal Technique expert Chris Johnson about muscle memory.

Learn what muscle memory is and how much time you should spend developing it. Chris will also talk you through the benefits of muscle memory and what singers should be aware of when practising to develop this habit. Enjoy!

…and if you have any questions for Chris, you can contact him at [email protected]

Chris is a passionate and experienced vocal coach with a flair for helping vocalists reach new heights in their vocal ability, fast. His talents have taken him international to teach vocals at development programs like the world famous VocalizeU Artist Intensive in Los Angeles. Chris works with a huge range of voices and genres in his singing lessons, and his clients include West End performers, chart rock bands and even professional classical sopranos.

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Written by Vocalzone