Incursion are out on a mission to cause as many mosh pits and drink as much beer as possible!

Incursion started in early 2015, originally a 4 piece band set for their first show in May of 2015 a few days before the show then vocalist parted ways with Incursion and drummer was involved in a traffic collision and since to be heard from. A mysterious to start to say the least.

With that first show under their belt, guitarist Jonny and bassist Adam set about honing and cleaning the live performance, what was set to be a one off show the pair had gelled together on stage and started a buzz about themselves. After tweaking sounds and stage work Incursion started to gain a following, the sight of two men playing on stage without a physical drummer pulled people in as it wasn’t normal in the South Wales scene to see this.

Listen to Incursions brand new single ‘The Times & Trials of Hans Zoller’ below.

Through this all Jonny and Adam didn’t lose a sense of humour about the situation and fully understood that this was for fun and that always translated into live shows, the pair soon realised that despite not having a drummer, running through a backing track they could add as much parts as they wanted and cover a variety of songs that would catch people off guard. “I don’t want to set the world on fire” and the theme music from 1980’s “Trap Door” tv series sparked a nostalgic moment with live crowds, Incursion were not afraid to tap into this and use it to boost themselves.

Up until this point Incursion had primarily been an instrumental band,  however Jonny had a microphone that night and decided “Why not” and a very raw voice appeared, although most of it being nonsensical rantings to a sort of melody that fitted with the tracks on the night, it added another layer to Incursion and the audience that night responded well to the vocals.
Carrying their new found skill set forward Incursion would find themselves once again at Metal 2 The Masses being held at Fuel Cardiff and would this time advance onto the semi finals. continued to perform throughout the local scene and release a home recorded demo track “Tempting Demons” along with a music video shot by Jordan Adams.

Check out Incursions awesome track ‘Scourge’ below

This would be a crossroad for Adam and Jonny who had worked hard to craft this set into being something that stood out, but ultimately the pair came to the conclusion that we should search for additional members to help Incursion reach that next level.

Whilst playing a show in Merthyr Tydfil Adam and Jonny would meet Caleb who was looking to join a band as a vocalist, a jam session was set up and Caleb would join Incursion.

Now performing as a three piece Jonny Adam and Caleb would share the stage again gigging through South Wales, Incursion would support “Psychostick” (U.S.A) on the Cardiff date of their U.K tour at The Globe and a slot at the “Revival” shows at Pontypridd Muni. However in late 2016 Incursion and Caleb parted ways due to commitment.

Incursion continued on playing shows that were booked as a two piece for the next few months as time went on however the search for another member started again, this time for a drummer who would turn out to be Robbie.

Lets see what Jonny Foxhall has to say about Vocalzone!!

“I started using Vocalzone in 2015 after a sporadic pharmacy trip. Whilst waiting for a prescription for a family member I happened to gaze down and see a red pack of throat lozenges and low and behold there they were, I had just heard about Vocalzone the night before at a show and had another coming up thought yeah let’s give them a go. Ended up buying two packs as the pharmacy had a £5 minimum card spend, but it was well spent! I’ve been using them ever since to help keep my voice together after each insanely aggressive Incursion set!”

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