Zenne Has fast built a solid fan base and securing plenty of interest and bookings through out the UK.

Her gutsy style has earned her the reputation as one of top Female Country Music performers in the UK. Zenne has a show full of fabulous songs rarely played but familiar to her audience. With a set list keeping both Listeners and Dancers captivated from beginning to the end of her show.

Just to get an idea of how touching Zenne can be in this beautiful song ‘Nothing Lasts Forever

She has recently released a second Album,  Titled “Play The Song This followers her first successful Album “I Feel Lucky” both albums grabbing lots of attention and are being aired on numerous radio stations throughout the UK and Europe. Bonus Track on the Album ‘I feel Lucky’, an original song “Someone Tonight”  reached the third round of Great British Country Song Award.

To add another string to her bow she has also secured two major Festivals as Resident Compère as well as performing at the Festivals.

Zenne’s latest  self Penned Song ‘Nothing Lasts Forever ‘ is receiving great reviews and has being aired on BBC Radio as well as many other radio stations throughout the uk, Europe and USA and is currently working on a self Penned EP

Zenne was been nominated as a finalist in the UK Top Female Country Awards 2015, which she then returned next year and won.

Another song where Zenne shows her talent in all its glory in the song ‘Girl Crush’

A Powerful Voice. Zenne’s love and passion for performing Country Music shows on Stage with a powerful set list. Unique style, interaction with her Audience. During her show Zenne switches the backing tracks off, plays acoustic and stomp box, a seamless transition pleasing Listeners and Dancers alike.

A great personality on and off stage. Touring throughout the UK and Europe Zenne is in big demand.

Lets see what Zenne has to say about Vocalzone!!

“As a full-time performer, Vocalzone is an integral part of my life on the road as a singer.”

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