Enquire Within


Four metal heads from London and Kent came together to form Enquire Within.

What started off as a small school project between two friends, Dan and Henry, turned into much much more when Henry decided to bring his older brother Jacob with them to sing on the track.

It was a good recording, but they wanted more! Very quickly the three found a rhythm guitarist Phil and a bassist Jon. They went back into the studio to see if what was once good could be made much better. Better became Enquire Within.

Listen to their latest track ‘Hunter’ below!

To cut a long story short the five piece have since Headlined the Crowndale Club in Kentish Town, shared the stage with many differing acts such as Alastria and Sidarian and has also played at the illustrious Sarcoma Fest in Gravesend which was headlined by Warlord.

Soon to be recording their debut album Enquire Within are looking to the future and hoping that the world will be ready for what they’ve got in store.

Let’s see what Jacob Waller has to say about Vocalzone!

“I first discovered Vocalzone when recording our first ever demo. I was singing with a cold and naturally was struggling. I went to the pharmacy to try to find something to help and the guy behind the counter swore by Vocalzone. Needless to say, he was right and I’ve been a user since.”

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