Attic Theory

Hailing from the grungy depths of Liverpool’s dock road emerges Attic Theory, an award-winning rock band that has been making seismic waves in the music industry. Their unique brand of Alternative Groove Rock possesses grooves that run as deep as the mighty river Mersey itself, captivating audiences far and wide. Led by the commanding vocals of Lewis Wright, Attic Theory is composed of the dynamic duo of guitarists, Tim Cunningham and Matt Lawler, as well as the newest addition to the group, talented bass player Lucy Ellen, and the rhythmic powerhouse drummer Norm Walker. Together, they seamlessly blend elements of post-grunge with the timeless allure of rock ‘n’ roll, resulting in a sound that is simultaneously exhilarating and soul-stirring. Attic Theory now thrives as a five-piece ensemble, delivering their signature sound with an unyielding fervour and boundless energy.

The music crafted by Attic Theory has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim, culminating in their coronation as the undisputed champions of the “BEST NEW BAND” category at the prestigious ‘The Rocks’ awards hosted by Planet Rock Radio. Their critically acclaimed EP, ‘The Sign of an Active Mind’, has been showered with praise and featured in renowned publications such as Metal Hammer Germany and Rock Tribune (Belgium). This EP has also captured the hearts of fans, who voted it as the NWOCR group fan favorite ‘EP of the year’. Additionally, the band has been nominated for the highly coveted band of the year title by Radio Wigwam and Orpheus Global Independent Music Awards, further solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with.

Sharing the stage with illustrious acts has become second nature for Attic Theory. They have had the privilege of performing alongside renowned musicians such as Terrorvision, Tony Wright, Black Spiders, and Candlebox. The band has also embarked on wildly successful tours with Elvana (Elvis fronted Nirvana), Dead Man’s Whiskey, and Tantric, captivating audiences across the United Kingdom and Europe. Their electrifying performances have graced prestigious festivals including Planet Rockstock, Wildfire Festival, SavFest, and Firevolt and the band even earned themselves a coveted spot on the shortlist for the highly acclaimed Stonedead Festival.

The excitement surrounding Attic Theory reaches a fever pitch as their highly anticipated debut album, ‘What We Fear The Most’, is now available and has received a resounding chorus of praise from esteemed publications such as Powerplay Magazine, who awarded the album a perfect 10/10, and it garnered an impressive 9.5 rating from overtone Magazine. This album features an array of captivating singles including ‘Tattooed Heart’, ‘Narrow Lines’, ‘violent delight’, and ‘Papier-Mâché’, the latter of which features a stunning collaboration with Kevin Martin of the multi-platinum selling rock band Candlebox. ‘Papier-Mâché’ was even selected as Planet Rock Radio’s New Rock Show TRACK OF THE WEEK, solidifying its status as a true gem. Attic Theory’s tracks have received substantial airplay on esteemed radio stations including Planet Rock, Kerrang Radio, BBC Radio and Total Rock Radio.

The impact of ‘What We Fear The Most’ cannot be overstated. The album soared to the impressive position of number 165 in the UK iTunes top 200 mainsteam chart, rubbing shoulders with legendary artists such as Pearl Jam, Creed, Alien Ant Farm, Linkin Park, and… Taylor Swift! Additionally, the band achieved a remarkable peak at number 17 in the iTunes UK top 20 alternative album chart. Two of their singles, ‘Papier-Mâché’ and ‘Violent Delight’, also made waves, surging to numbers 43 and 52 on the iTunes UK alternative singles chart.

The global appeal of Attic Theory’s music is undeniable, as their tracks have infiltrated the Shazam charts worldwide, securing a coveted spot amongst the top 10 most Shazamed tracks in China, Canada, and America. This international recognition serves as a testament to the band’s unparalleled ability to captivate and resonate with listeners from all corners of the globe.

As Attic Theory continues to shatter boundaries and create music that transcends genres, their journey in the music industry promises to be an electrifying and exhilarating one. With their mesmerizing performances and infectious melodies, this Liverpool-based rock band is poised to conquer even greater heights in the years to come. Brace yourselves for the sonic revolution brought forth by Attic Theory!

Photo by Holli Samantha.

Here is Attic Theory’s video for ‘Papier-Mâché’, featuring Kevin Martin of Candlebox.

Let’s see what Lewis Wright has to say about Vocalzone!

“When constantly gigging and touring, your voice can take a beating. Even after doing vocal warm-ups, you can still feel that your voice isn’t 100%. To combat this, I have used Vocalzone for years now. It helps me get my voice back to where it needs to be, for show after show of a tour”

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