Introducing The Vocalzone Tongue Dumbbell

Your mouth and tongue are a series of muscles too you know…

So, you go to the gym, huh? You do weights, bruh? Think you’re strong and not to be messed with? Sure you are. But is your tongue actually strong enough to match that fighting talk? Don’t worry, we’ve listened to the feedback, and we’re bringing the latest in innovative home gym equipment to you to make sure you’re working EVERY muscle in your mouth. 

How does it work?

We know that some of you have been neglecting your tongue. In fact, based on the national mouth & tongue obesity report of 2019, a staggering 60% of the population are not working their tongue hard enough and can be clinically classed as having an overweight and under toned mouth and tongue. As a company, we scratched our heads on how we could address this growing trend. We consulted with some of the strongest tongue experts in the market; including the likes of parents of teenage children and secondary school teachers. After months of development, we devised a solution; the Vocalzone Tongue Dumbbell.

The Vocalzone Tongue Dumbbell has been designed with the end user in mind. It works like any other dumbbell you use to train the rest of your body. In this instance however, your tongue is the support for the weight, and your entire mouth is the recipient of a VERY comprehensive workout. The benefits can be seen after as little as one week of tongue lifting sessions. Simply attach the weight using the Vocalzone resistance band to the lower side of your tongue, and start doing those curls. Feeling extra strong today, why not invert the weight and do reverse curls! Look at you, you absolute stud.

What comes in each pack?

The Vocalzone Tongue Dumbbell comes in three weight varieties so you can scale your workout up when you’re looking to make those extra gains.

  • 1 x Tongue Dumbbell (please select appropriate weight at checkout). 
  • 1 x Resistance band to secure to your tongue. Replacements available soon. 
  • Each Vocalzone Tongue Dumbbell is accompanied by a pack of Vocalzone Pastilles, to help relieve irritation from an overworked voice.

Caring for your Dumbbell

Vocalzone Tongue Dumbbells are made from a washable weighted rubber on a stainless steel frame. They can easily be sanitised in the sink or dishwasher. Better yet, why not take your Vocalzone Tongue Dumbbell in the shower with you, allowing you to develop a closer bond to your tongue dumbbell, whilst washing it at the same time. 

As the dumbbell is made from a washable material, the Vocalzone Tongue Dumbbell can be shared amongst family and friends. Alternatively, you can all buy a dumbbell, sit in a circle and work out together like the true gym pals you aspire to be.