Introducing Vocalbone

It’s time for something new…

If you’re familiar with Vocalzone you’ll know that our throat care range is the best friend of anyone relying on their voice. But what about man’s best friend?

Benefits of using Vocalbone-

  • Soothes and clears your dog’s throat
  • Gives bowel movements a helping hand
  • Relieves throat irritation
  • Helps keep a clear bark
  • Contains natural active ingredients
  • Relieves dog’s boredom
  • Chewing benefits canine dental health
  • Suitable for all dogs, even silly yappy ratty ones

How does it work?

Dog barking relentlessly as you rehearse songs or run through lines? Dogs can be a tough crowd and harsh critics! They’re more interested in walkies and being confused by their own reflection to be concerned about your sensitive artistic temperament. At the end of the day, what were you expecting? An animal comfortable with licking its genitals in public is hardly going to worry about sparing your feelings. Your dog eats, sleeps and repeats with some leg humping and walking in between – they don’t lose sleep over which octave you’re singing Brahms in or what your character’s motivation is. A dog’s motivation is treats and that’s where Vocalbone comes in.

Vocalbone does what it says on the tin* – the powerful throat relief of Vocalzone meets the dental and entertainment benefits of a rubber dog bone. Vocalbone is a distraction toy meaning if your dog’s giving it the big I am to the German Shepherd over the fence or in danger of passing your ex’s house without fouling on the driveway, it can be used to distract them.

*Vocalbone is not packaged in a tin



The same Vocalzone power in the compact style of a bone. Your furry little friend will find a new burst of energy in minutes.



Every dog loves a good bone, right? So give your pet a tasty memory they’ll be forever grateful for.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Our Vocalbones are meat and animal product free! Now there’s no hidden guilt behind watching your good boy/girl chow down on a tasty, yet effective, treat.

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