Chiara Malvestiti


With her pre-raphaelite aura and her theatrical voice of a “primadonna”, Chiara is without doubts an hybrid soprano, built on an unconventional artistic path.

During her studying about figurative arts, starts with modern singing and then with opera singing at “Florence Opera Academy” in Florence, city of  Italian Melodramma; after this, she continues to study in the Conservatory of Music.

Her ductile vocal and her experience in several musical backgrounds let her to range over in different repertoires from Symphonic Metal to Opera, Classical Music, Celtic Music and Film Soundtrack.

In the meantime, a charismatic figure of reference as an Italian opera singer in the Metal has also been built, combining various record works with an intense live activity, which has led her to perform and be known in Italy and abroad.

An important milestone was the realization of the first full length of the Crysalys “The Awakening of Gaia” released on September 23rd 2011, which led the band to carve out a remarkable space of relief in the European “Female Metal” scene. The band performed in 2012 in two important Festivals such as the “Exit Festival” (Novi Sad, Serbia) and the “Metal Female Voices Fest X” (Wieze, Belgium) the most important festival in the world dedicated to Female Voice in Metal welcoming excellent reviews from critics and the public.

The Argentine heavy-metal composer and bassist Beto Vazquez, known for his numerous collaborations with famous international singers and musicians such as Tarja Turunen (formerly Nightwish), Candice Night (Blackmore’s Night), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire) etc .. struck by his incisive vocality wants her as a special guest in two of her discographic works: in the double album “Existence” (2010) and in the more recent “Beyond space without limits” (2012).

Listen to ‘Moonlight Encounter’ performed by Crysalys with Chiara at the helm.

In 2014 he lent hes voice to the soundtrack composed by Fabio Amurri in the filM “German Angst” directed by Jorg Buttgereit, Michael Kosakowski and Andreas Marschall, presented in major films international festivals such as the 44th edition of the IFF in Rotterdam, the European Film Market in Berlin and the IFFF in Brussels, as well as in numerous genre festivals in America and Australia.

From August 2015 is the new soprano of the legendary Swedish band THERION, considered among the greatest exponents and pioneers of Symphonic Metal ” since 1987, a genre that combines elements of Classical and Operative Music with the energy of Rock and Metal. With them she performs in some of the most important huge metal festivals (like Wacken Open Air, Hellfest and Brutal Assault), obtaining excellent feedback from critics and the public; and in many great tours that see her engaged for months throughout Latin America, whole Europe, Asia and Australia. She was also chosen by the band for the main female role in Therion – Rock Opera: “Beloved Antichrist”, produced by Nuclear Blast.

This video of Therion performing ‘Lemuria’ at Wacken Festival is the perfect way to showcase Chiara’s vocal ability. But don’t take my word for it, watch the video below.

Chiara is also a well known Vocal Coach in Italy and she created the first Italian singing method dedicated to Symphonic Metal vocal tecniques called “CM Vocal Training: when Classical meets Metal”.

Let’s see what Chiara Malvestiti has to say about Vocalzone! 

“Can you imagine singing as a Soprano for 100 shows in a row around the globe with only 1 day off per week? I’m sure my voice made it possible thank also to Vocalzone that took care of my vocal cords every single day! As an opera-trained soprano, even if I sing in Symphonic Metal scene, I recommend this Vocal Elixir to every kind of singers, from Classical to extreme Metal! Try it for yourself!”