Vocalzone Gold Pocket Tin – Original 1912 Edition




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Protect Your Vocalzone

  • High-quality pocket tin
  • Super slim design
  • Sliding lid for easy access
  • Iconic branding
  • Throat Pastilles not included in tin


Product Info

Officially licenced Vocalzone Pocket Tins. Order 5 packs of Vocalzone from this website and get your tin for free!*

Inspired by our original 1912 pack branding, our tins were commissioned as a direct result of feedback we received from you. With a sleek design, Vocalzone tins are designed to fit a blister sleeve of 12 pastilles. Being a perfect size for your pocket, you can now keep your supply of Vocalzone with you at all times.

Please note: Pastilles are not included and are only used for illustration purposes.

*Please select your free tin at checkout for qualifying orders of 5 or more packs of Vocalzone.


What is the prominent flavour of Vocalzone Throat Pastilles?

The liquorice extract is what gives the product its distinctive flavour.

Is Vocalzone suitable for Vegans?

Yes, whilst the core recipe has remained the same, the only changes made have been to make the pastille vegan friendly.

When should I take Vocalzone?

There is no one correct answer, some people take Vocalzone prior to prolonged/intensive use of their voice. Others prefer to take them when they begin to feel the irritation on their throat.

Some people take them both before and after, and others even take them mid performance! We’d recommend not exceeding more than 1 pastille every 2 hours.

I’ve been told that Menthol is not good for my throat. Is this true?

As with most things in life, too much of one ingredient can have side effects. This too can be said about menthol.

However, the concentration of menthol used in our throat pastilles is of a safe level and the benefits of using menthol for throat care can be found in Martindale (The complete Drug Reference).

How should I consume Vocalzone?

It is recommended that you dissolve one pastille in the mouth and inhale deeply. This can be repeated every two hours if required.

Is Vocalzone available in shops worldwide?

Vocalzone will be hitting a store near you in the very future, but in the meanwhile you can order directly off our website and we offer worldwide delivery!

Is it safe for me to take Vocalzone?

Vocalzone is a licensed medicine recommended for adults, elderly and children over the age of 12. If you have any concerns regarding treatments you may currently be taking, consult your pharmacist or doctor before use.

Will Vocalzone be available in my country in the future?

Almost certainly, we are working with a network of distributors to ensure Vocalzone is available near you very soon. For more information please visit our International Customers page.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes we do. We wouldn’t want you going without your stash of Vocalzone now would we?

Is Vocalzone Throat Pastilles Gluten and Lactose Free?

Yes, Vocalzone Throat Pastilles are both Gluten & Lactose Free