Siblings Of Samhain


Necrotic things are coming your way in the forum of Siblings Of Samhain

In 2017, Siblings Of Samhain were made up of 2 Horror Freaks, Danny Demented and Savage Monster. 2 members that have been in the music industry for nearly a decade. Danny Demented being an ex Feral State member (hardcore from Leicester) and Savage Monster being the UK’s only Horror Booking Agent as well as being the bassist and workforce of Gorgeous Morgue (Horror Metal from Sheffield), after both of them disbanding from their previous bands, they got together, after being long term friends, and started writing almost immediately, only this time, it was exactly what they wanted to be playing!

Though not yet having a music video to call their own. the siblings nefarious craft was caught for the first time on camera.

Playing Acoustic Horror in the most undead way possible, The spooky duo released an EP ‘Dark, Dead and Deranged’ in September 2017, that sold out on pre-orders within a few days and has gained high marks from all around the globe! Currently in 2018 they have 2 tours booked (UK and Germany) that they can announce…but there is so much more to come including plans of an album to be released in October 2018, with featured special guests TBA. For fans of Misfits, Blitzkid, Stellar Corpses, Tiger Army etc. These guys are taking the horror scene by storm and have so much more to give yet! Keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook and Instagram pages for announcements regarding tours that may be coming to your town! Also, check out their bandcamp to hear their debut EP ‘Dark, Dead and Deranged’ for free!!

Let’s see what Siblings Of Samhain have to say about Vocalzone!!

“We use Vocalzone a lot and have gone through so many boxes of them during tours around the globe, we’ve had many conversations with European/US artists about them too when they’ve asked us. They help an awful lot and really prep you for a show, or we find they help you recover/smooth your voice after a show”