The Colony


The Colony are a 5 piece Rock/Metal band who first made their prescene known in Glasgow!

The band consists of Peter Cullen, Konnar Anderson, Mike Weir and brothers Aaron and Riki Hobkirk. They formed over 10 years ago and achieved great success in their home country of Scotland, as well as in international markets all over the seven seas. They independently released their debut EP ‘Romper Stomper’ in 2011 and followed up with the album ‘Dust and Stone’ in 2013.

Supporting bands such as Bleed From Within, Casino Brawl, Forevervoid, Afterlife and Final Silence. They played both these records live extensively throughout Scotland before sitting down to record ‘Time of Wolves’ in 2015. This gained the band international attention and quickly took them on a tour of Ireland and multiple tours of Eastern Europe, with follow up invitations to play open air festivals in Romania.

Check out ‘False Light’ below!

These experiences have certainly shaped their most recent effort ‘C’ which was released October 2017 and forms the cornerstone of their 2018 live set. The two singles ‘To Die Anodyne’ & ‘Smile’ have been released with their accompanying music videos on the bands YouTube channel and Facebook page (see below).

Let’s see what Peter Cullen has to say about Vocalzone!

“Along with my warm-ups vocal zones are vital to every gig I play It was harsh on my voice while being away on tour but they always had my back when I wasn’t feeling my best”

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Written by Dan Manley

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