Small Pond Big Fish

Small Pond Big Fish

Since leaving school Small Pond Big Fish plan on teaching the world a lesson.

Formed back in secondary school by vocalist Iga Tchorz and guitarist Dhylon Shah, and with the arrival of drummer Matt Kitto and bassist Anthony Greenwell in 2015, Small Pond Big Fish are a four-piece female fronted Alternative rock band from London, UK.

from the EP ‘Close My Eyes’ Comes their latest single ‘Strange Thoughts Follow Shadow’ which you can listen to below.

Small Pond Big Fish aren’t ones to shy away from the flagship bands that helped shape their sound, drawing inspiration from other female lead bands like Paramore and The Pretty Reckless. However, the band look to introduce new, heavier sounds, drawing influences from acts such as Issues, A Day to Remember – even Periphery and early Muse.

From the EP of the same name comes the song ‘I Despise’ delivering a heartpounding performance!

Having been influenced by such charismatic and energetic bands, Small Pond Big Fish pride themselves on their live performances and look to channel the ideas of this genre and what it means both to them and the audience. Expect their ‘A Game’ come show time, with an inspired passion and energy that is always present. With three UK tours and soon to be three releases under their belts, things are definitely looking up for the band!

Lets see what Iga Tchorz has to say about Vocalzone!

“Being in this band for 5 years means that I get to perform a lot, but with that comes the responsibility of taking care of my voice. Since we are constantly gigging around the UK it is important to me that I have Vocalzone everywhere I go. I am also a music student at BIMM studying vocal performance, and thus my daily routine involves a lot of singing. Vocalzone is a perfect addition to this routine as it helps clear my voice before I sing, and soothes the swelling after every performance.”

Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ