Sam Jones

Sam Jones

Influenced by bands such as The Jam, The Dammed & Billy Idol is none other than Sam Jones. A British singer-songwriter, recording artist & frontman with Polish band Angry Town!

He’s literally travelled the length & breathes of Europe playing some pretty memorable & impressionable one man shows along the way. Let’s start with three self-booked, self-financed & self-promoted European tours since April 2016! Setting up his own booking agency Camouflage Booking & record label Camouflage Records selling short run bootleg styled CDs featuring recordings of previous gigs.

His exciting performances are delivered with an energy packed one-inch punch playing up to 40 songs per concert. Every gig is a complete retrospective of  his original works. His old school equipment set up includes a well-worn guitar he’s owned since the age of fifteen & a small Vox amplifier & that’s just about it, there’s not a single effects pedal in sight! His slide guitar playing & gypsy-like travelling reputation landing him the name ‘Britain’s Young Seasick Steve’.

Here is a video of Sam Jones performing with Angry Town live as they play ‘Hit The Floor’

Bringing together the skills he has crafted busking on the streets & fronting his pen-named bands & studio projects; Angry Town, The Berlin Lights & The Artists Rifles. One third of his set is peppered with covers of classic bands which have influenced him from the Punk era.

Shows in France & Belgium eventually led him to do multi-country tours of Europe. Café gigs at places like Wiel’s Renard Noir in Brussels were integral in his story which has led him onto full European tours. Shows at L’Oasis 244 in Paris, Hard Rock Pub Pamela in Torun, Artliners in Berlin, Mustang Live Music Club in Poznan, Blues Sklep in Prague have put him firmly on the European map! Appearances on WWk’s Our Favorate Shop Sessions for Made In Liverpool TV channel & Radio R in Brno are favourable milestones in his career. A recent gig with Ged Lynn of The Stairs at The Hatch Bar in Liverpool set a new bench mark for UK gigs.

Here is Sam Jones & Ged Lynn performing ‘Boredom Drug’  from the ‘Retrospective’ at The Hatch Bar in Liverpool!

An album of full-band electric tracks reflecting the long term musical activity of British singer/songwriter & guitarist Sam Jones. Compiled from studio recordings made 2002-2014 under the names Sam Jones, The Berlin Lights & The Artists Rifles. The album is being released to promote new Poland-based band ‘Angry Town’ who are busy bringing these songs to the stage. Some notable contributors to the album include Charlie Harper of UK Subs, Brian James of The Damned, PJ of Anti-Nowhere League, Malcolm Joseph of Grace Jones band, Robbie Kelman of The Dripping Lips, Richard Marcangelo of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Danny Ward of Gengahr & Tony Piper of Vice Squad.


Here is a small snippet of Angry Town tearing it up live at Muzyk in Torun, Poland as they perform ‘Fire In The Rain’.

He’s already gained the respect of many other well-respected industry insiders like John Robb when Angry Town supported his band The Membranes in Poland & has working with the likes of Ged Lynn of The Stairs, Charlie Harper of UK Subs & Brian James of The Damned. As well as his music his unique mod/alternative hybrid sense of style caught the eye of fashion label Relco London in 2017 who have used him to model their clothes ever since & he can often be seen wearing their gear on stage & in photos.

Lets see what Sam Jones has to say about Vocalzone!!!


“I started using Vocalzone last year & I have to say that in all honesty it has saved my voice. I was even given an asthma pump at one point because I couldn’t find anything to soothe my horse, tired throat! I have only used the pastels but am also excited to try the tea! I don’t drink alcohol or smoke but doing up to 11 gigs in a row can take it’s toll, plus the lack of sleep doesn’t help! I normally have one pastel before I go on stage, one during the break if there is one & one after the show. I try not to use them in between shows because they are so hard to find in Poland! They are kept in my microphone case & I always know I can rely on them!”

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Written by Dan Manley

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