Phil Walker


Phil Walker first picked up a guitar when he was six years old.

He is self-taught and his first ever gig was at the age of eleven in a social club near his home town of Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire where he grew up. Phil’s idols are Albert Lee, Hank Marvin and Brian Setzer and these are the artists he began to emulate from an early age.

Phil has been a professional musician/entertainer & sound engineer since he left school – for over two decades – and, alongside playing various instruments, he has also been singing his entire career. Phil has performed all around the world with shows and artistes such as Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers, Sarah Jory, Circus Of Horrors, Dr & The Medics, Rose Marie and many more.

Who else is better to introduce what he does then the man himself! This Is Phil Walker.

Phil has gained experience in Stage Performance, Direction and Public Address (Sound Equipment) and on a number of occasions has been appointed Musical Director and Sound Engineer. More recently Phil has been working as a product demonstrator for Line6.

Phil continues to perform regularly in various shows; however, his most recent focus has been the creation – from concept to stage – of his own ‘rockumentary’ theatre show – The Story Of Guitar Heroes. This show is a tribute to the many talented idols out there who have inspired Phil and, alongside directing the show, he is also lead guitarist and vocalist. Phil endeavours to emulate each of the featured Heroes both in sound, technique and medium – featuring over 20 guitars in the show, Phil’s voice also has to keep up with the different songs on the tour through musical history.

Let’s see what Phil Walker has to say about Vocalzone!

“My voice is as much my instrument as any of the other guitars or drums I play. In a professional context I use my voice as presenter/MC and as a vocalist – both backing, supporting and lead. As such, I already use Vocalzone as part of gigging life, and personally endorse the product as I encourage band members who also sing in the shows to use it too.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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