Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis

The man of many Talents..Here is Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis has re-emerged into the scene fresh off of composing the score and starring in the upcoming feature film, “Days of Power”.  The film, currently in select theatres, also stars independent musicians from all over the world and award-winning actors such as Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts. Lewis’ duo Heathens, which consists of Lewis & Philadelphia producer/singer/songwriter Lance Davis, also wrote the rock anthem “Fire” that is included as a bonus track on the film’s soundtrack. The first single off of the soundtrack, “We Are Waiting”, co-written and produced by Lewis was recently awarded Best Pop Song in a Film by the Garden State Film Festival. He is also featured as himself in the music documentaries “Encore the Hammerjacks Rockumentary” and the award-winning film “Beyond the Bombs”.  His latest recording project, Change in the Weather with singer/songwriter Amber Rahman entered the country charts at number 10 on Play MPE’s most streamed Cd’s.

From The Upcoming film ‘Days Of Power’ here is ‘Fire’ 

Lewis has enjoyed international recognition for his role in the pop/rock world while touring with his band YNOT?! with a Billboard charting album before eventually beginning a solo career.  After having performed over 5,000 live shows and being named as one of the top front men to come out of the Mid Atlantic area, his three solo albums received critical acclaim garnering quotes such as “An ear for hooks and the energy for percussion that will alter your heartbeat.” This guy is gold. -Jennifer Layton, Lewis also received mention from official Bowie biographer, Nicolas Pegg who had this to say about Paul’s version of his David Bowie cover, “There’s a great version of Breaking Glass by Paul Lewis on his album Trading Horror Stories. Really quirky and unexpected.”

Paul Lewis performing ‘The Platform Of Our Lives’ down in Baltimore 

An intense artist who delivers mesmerizing performances filled with energy, drama and charisma. Lewis is currently working on his fourth solo studio record, the TV show Radio Gods, and producing other acts.

Lets see what Paul Lewis has to say about Vocalzone!!

“My voice would get so worn out and scratchy and nothing I tried seemed to help until my wife discovered ‘Vocalzone.’ I started using them when needed and the results were nothing short of amazing. I have been using Vocalzone ever since.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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