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Parly B aka The Yorkshire Raggamuffin hailing from Doncaster in Yorkshire has gained in popularity after a string of releases from 2013.

With his first release In a competition produced by Tradesman, which came out on Scotch Bonnet on 7” Vinyl.

Then he rapidly made tracks with a number of different producers such as Danny T, Ed West, Riddim Tuffa, Origin One, Mr Benn, Fleck when he became established for his unique style and delivery and with the support of Mungo’s Hi Fi, Reggae Roast, Reggae Takeover, Riddim Tuffa, Irish Moss and Nice up Records has made impact in the scene.

Parly B is a versatile MC/Artist who in the past has written to another different genres of music such as Reggae, Dancehall, Digital and Jungle/ Drum & Bass with Releases on Jungle labels such as Serial Killaz, Born on Road, working with producers like Benny page, Fleck, Aries, Gold dubs and Selecta J Man Including being featured on The Skints second album Part and Parcel, where he gained experience touring with a band back in 2012 around the UK.

Parly B has been getting alot of radio support from the two veteran DJ’s David Rodigan on BBC Radio 1 Xtra and Don Letts on BBC Radio 6. In August 2016 Parly B’s EP called ‘This is Digital’ was released on Scotch Bonnet Records featuring Mungo’s Hi FI, Tradesman, Subactive, Chief Rockas, Fleck, Tom Spiral’s & Escape Roots.

Here is Parly B alongside Baptiste on ‘Tell Dem Fi Run’ by Radikal Guru.

Parly B started off 2017 with recording a track with Gentleman’s Dub Club and Eva Lazarus called ‘Fire in the hole” which is featured on their album called ‘Dubtopia’.

Nicing up the sessions up and down the country and overseas and has played at some major festivals such as Glastonbury, Boomtown, Shambala, Beatherder, Beats for Love in Ostrava, Uprising Festival, Overjam & Outlook Festival, Island vibes in Australia. Then in September 2016 Parly B went on a Mexican tour with Root Side New Crew in Mexico City where he did three shows but the furthest Parly B has traveled on tour is to Australia in May 2017.  Where he linked with 4′ 20’ Sound and Baptiste, SK Simeon, Adrian’s wall and Heartical Hi-Powa.  Because of the success of the first tour Parly B managed to go back to Australia on tour again in October 2017.

Here is the music video for ‘Motorbike’.

Parly B for the last year has been doing some exciting shows with the Digital Foundation Band performing some of his best release live in a band environment.

Parly B is currently working on a album project which will be coming out later this year on Scotch Bonnet Records. Also on a EP with Mr Benn which will be coming out this year on Nice up Records and a Junglist project with Krak in Dub which will be released on vinyl.

Parly B also linked up with Radikal Guru for the first time this year to record a video for a song on his productions featuring Baptiste. Parly B is now working on some exciting projects which if is his past is anything to go on can be nothing but excellent!

Lets see what Parly B has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone has helped me to be consistent when performing number of gigs in a row. My Yorkshire Ragga-muffin vocal range goes from deep to a high pitch sound.”

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Written by Dan Manley

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