North Yorkshire pop punk at its finest, Heartsink are here to show you the ropes! 

Comprised of brothers Zac and Jake Roughton (guitar/vocals and drums, respectively) Bryn Portas (bass/vocals) and Tom Mitchell (guitar), HeartSink have been tearing it up under various guises, from as early as 2008. Hailing from York, UK, their fresh and anthemic take on classic 2000s pop punk has been electrifying audiences all across the UK, with their bold and charismatic stage presence and penchant for honest, catchy hooks earning them plaudits the country over.

As you will hear in the song “Restless Minds” below, The band definitely has some chemistry!

Having shared stages with bands as diverse as Junior, WSTR, Metro Station, Skywalker, Random Hand, SayWeCanFly, Skies In Motion, William Control (of Aiden fame), Coast To Coast, Altered Sky, Milestones, Havelocke, Deadset Dream, and The Young Hearts, to name but a few, HeartSink is showing no sign of slowing down, and are currently writing and recording what will be their debut EP, which will be due for an early 2018 release.

Lets see what Zac Roughton has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Vocalzone helps me reach the notes I wouldn’t usually be able to reach and bails me out of some tricky situations when my voice isn’t acting how it should be, literally the saviour of a lot of shows. As a singer, it is important to feel comfortable and able to sing the notes you recorded in the studio and Vocalzone does this.”

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Written by Vocalzone